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"My goal is not only to tell potential clients how suggested operations are performed, but why or why not. Cosmetic surgery in Las Vegas is not necessarily for everyone. I think that the better educated the patient is, the better they'll be able to make the right decision." -Dr. Garcia

Our History

Since 1988, Dr. Garcia and his staff have had the privilege of providing the highest caliber of plastic surgery in Las Vegas, Nevada. Though many patients come directly from Las Vegas, we have also attracted the attention of clients from around the country, and, around the world. Patients travel from places such as Alaska, the U.S. East Coast, even as far away as Israel, Italy, and Great Britain.

In addition to a long history as a Las Vegas cosmetic surgery professional, Dr. Garcia and our staff are medical professionals who are dedicated to continued education and the refinement of their techniques.

Dr. Garcia has published many articles, given scores of medical presentations, and approaches the craft of aesthetic surgery with a gifted artist's eye. The doctor, and our staff undergo yearly training to learn about new technologies and breakthroughs in the field, along with how to apply these to best serve our patients.

Our Services

We provide a range of aesthetic enhancements for those seeking plastic surgery in Nevada. Our full-service cosmetic enhancement facility provides patients with an array of options to meet their elective surgery needs, including:

These procedures, along with many of the others we offer, are designed to help sculpt your face, contour your body, and mold your figure to achieve a look closer to the one you desire. Laser surgeries, for instance, can help treat conditions like unwanted hair and spider veins, or lessen the appearance of aging skin. Various surgical procedures can correct certain congenital or developmental deformities or alleviate disfigurements caused by some accidents. Other procedures, like liposuction and tummy tucks, can help with removing excess fat from certain areas and redefining the contours of your body.

Patients choose our Las Vegas plastic surgery center for many reasons, and we are dedicated to helping guide them to a decision that works for them and achieving the results that they desire.

For some, a birth deformity or accidental disfigurement may have a negative impact on their appearance. This can cause embarrassment and have a negative impact on their quality of life. Cosmetic surgery can be useful in such cases to enhance their appearance and reduce feelings of shame that they may have derived from their physical looks.

There are those who wish to look younger for either personal or professional reasons. They may feel that their looks have impacted them negatively in some way. For example, having a slightly aged appearance that may have detracted from opportunities in their career. For such individuals, plastic surgery can sometimes help to ease this burden and give them the boost they feel they need to get ahead.

Others may simply want to change a feature about themselves that they never liked. Perhaps they have a facial feature they wish to alter slightly, or they could have excess fat in certain areas that won't go away in spite of diet or exercise. Changing these features can help them feel that they're looking their best and provide a significant boost in confidence.

Whatever your personal reasons may be for choosing to have cosmetic surgery, you should note that many of the stigmas surrounding various procedures have lessened over the years and plastic surgery is becoming more popular than ever before. The numbers of individuals that elect to have plastic surgery in Las Vegas and around the country continue to rise, and if you should elect to have surgery yourself, we're here to make sure that you can arrive at the right decision for your personal circumstances.

Why Choose Our Las Vegas Plastic Surgery Clinic

Our highly professional staff has devoted itself to helping each patient find the path that will work for them. First and foremost, we believe that helping to educate clients on procedures is a critical component to making the right decisions and leading patients down the road that will assist them in achieving their goals. We also believe that providing a customized service, tailored to the needs of those we serve, is key in helping you achieve the look you desire.

Dr. Garcia works with each patient to ensure you elect procedures that you feel comfortable and confident with for your body and your life. Our experienced team continually delivers plastic surgery procedures to wide range of patients and we sometimes have special offers on specific treatments. Please be sure to check back regularly to learn which procedures and treatments are highlighted each month.

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