Many Americans are trying to workout to lose those few pounds that Thanksgiving put on some. Below is a good article on do’s and don’t’s about taking care of your skin after burning off those calories. Important info especially in winter months where the humidity level is lower inside and that can make skin care more of a challenge.

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An article talking about a woman who died in a barbershop where an unlicensed person who worked as a massage therapist performed what is called a Vampire Facelift. Let me first say that although I think the Vampire facelift where your own blood is taken and then separated into components and then injected underneath your skin in an attempt to make you look...


Yes, summer is over so we can forget about sunblock right? WRONG! Great article below about the aging and therefore wrinkling effects of the sun. Trust me, prevention is easier and less expensive that treatment, so avoid it or use sunblock. But don’t forget to take some Vitamin D supplementation as you will lose some when you don’t have sun exposure, but the trade off...


I frequently get asked my opinion about ingredients in skin care creams and if they are good, bad or a waste of money. Recently a great article appeared that will give you tips on where to look up all of those ingredients that sound like  gobbledygook on the label. A great idea is to save the article so you can refer to it when you are shopping for the latest and greatest in skin...


Quickie note to all of the men out there reading my blog. Below is a nice article about skin care for men. No boys, don’t just use your girlfriend’s or wife’s system. Time to man up and take care of that face so you don’t look like a piece of dried leather. Healthy skin is masculine. Get on board with it. Even designer Tom Ford has a new men’s skin care line. And don’...

Looking for a new cool App for your phone that might keep you healthier. The wait is over. Now there is an App that can monitor your skin and the moles and spots so you can see if it is changing and in the need of a biopsy. It will even alert you when to repeat the photo and also remind you about Sunscreen. Isn’t technology grand!

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New Option for Treating Facial Skin Cancers New Place for Fillers.

One of my frequent suggestions or recommendations to my patients is sunblock. Most people only think of using it when going to the beach or pool but long standing evidence of the harmful effects of the sun’s rays on your skin in terms of causing wrinkles and skin cancers is voluminous. An ounce of prevention now will save you lots of money treating those wrinkles down the road.

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