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While creams, potions, and traditional make-up have hardly gone the way of the dinosaurs, and though plastic surgery is less invasive and more natural looking than ever, minimally invasive cosmetic procedures that offer semi-permanent to permanent changes are fast becoming the norm. In 2019, the trend is absolutely exploding, with new technologies that let you change your appearance without downtime, telltale scars, or hours in front of the mirror.

Julio Garcia, MD, an expert in aesthetics and plastic surgery Las Vegas, knows that people’s preferences change over time so he’s sure to stay on top of the latest trends. Here he offers some of the latest procedures that are either in the pipeline or already available.

Lip lifts

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If you love the look of fuller, rounder, more youthful lips but are tired of getting dermal fillers injected every year or so, a surgical lip lift may be the answer. This simple outpatient procedure only takes about an hour or so under local anesthesia.

Based on your desires and the shape that’s most flattering to your facial type, Dr. Garcia shortens the space between the bottom of your nose and the top of your lip to give you a fuller, more youthful look. The procedure plumps your lips out into a sexier pout, raises the edges slightly for a more flattering look, and defines your Cupid’s bow beautifully and naturally.

4-D mapping

You may know that plastic surgeons help you preview your new nose, breasts, or uplifted face by morphing digital images. But with 4-D mapping —which adds the fourth dimension of time — you can watch how your body transforms from “before” to “after.” This allows you to more precisely choose just how dramatic or subtle a change you want by previewing all of your options.

The technology also lets your share your transformation with family and friends, if you wish, to get their input into your final appearance. You no longer have to guess about how much filler your want, how full or lifted your breasts should be, or how by how much you should shorten your nose. By selecting the degree of improvement that you find most flattering and natural looking, you know ahead of time that you’re going to the get the final results of your dreams.

Ultrasonic nose jobs

woman touching her nose

Don’t relish the idea of someone breaking your nose to straighten it or remove bumps? Or the year-plus recovery period before you get to see what your new nose actually looks like? And — though you’ve looked into nonsurgical nose jobs with dermal fillers — they’re not really going to improve your issues, such as an off-center nose.

The latest way to improve the shape and look of a nose doesn’t require any breakage or yearly dermal filler touch-ups. Instead, surgeons are harnessing the power of ultrasonic energy to reshape nasal bones permanently, safely, and without a lengthy recovery period. Ultrasonic probes are used to reshape the nasal bone without damaging cartilage, skin, blood vessels or other soft tissue. Ultrasonic energy can:

  • Remove bumps
  • Correct deviated septum
  • Narrow a wide nasal bridge

The ultrasonic device’s micro-movements offers the surgeon more precision and accuracy when reshaping, cutting, and polishing nasal bones. The procedure also allows your expert Vegas plastic surgeon better, more direct visualization during the surgery.

After an ultrasonic nose job, you should refrain from working or doing strenuous activities for a week. You’ll have some swelling and bruising for about two weeks. And then, voila: A new nose for life.

Longer lasting neuromodulators

If you’ve been running to the doctor every few months for Botox®, Dysport®, or Xeomin® to smooth out your dynamic wrinkles, you may soon be able to slow down your schedule. A new injectable neurotoxin, currently known as RT002, just finished up two clinical trials and is scheduled for FDA review.

The biotechnology company Revance developed RT002 from the neurotoxin daxibotulinumtoxinA to extend the life of wrinkle treatments. Current neuromodulators tend to wear off in three or four months in the most commonly treated are, such as frown lines between the brows, crow’s feet at the corners of the eyes, and horizontal forehead furrows. During trials, RT002 lasted for six months.

In the hands of an expert plastic surgeon, neurotoxins do more than stop wrinkles from forming due to the pressures of dynamic, expressive muscles. Dr. Garcia uses neuromodulators to relax bulky masseter (jaw) muscles to create a softer, more heart-shaped face; create subtle, nonsurgical lip flips; and resolve a gummy smile.

Tweaking and preventing

The prejuvenation movement continues to grow as m

woman getting injections on he foreheadore and more women and men realize that preventing wrinkles, sagging, and age spots is a lot easier than treating damaged skin. Neuromodulators to smooth out the beginnings of expressive wrinkles on the forehead and around the eyes, chemical peels and microneedling to keep skin renewing itself, and dermal fillers to make up for age- and sun-damaged-related facial-volume loss continue to be popular. Other small changes that can make a big difference are using dermal fillers to repair stretched-out or thinning ear lobes, or fill in under-eye tear troughs.

Vaginal and labial rejuvenation

Whether your vulvar and vaginal areas have grown dry, thin, and saggy owing to age and the hormonal changes of menopause, or whether you’re just not confident about the way you look “down there,” labiaplasty and nonsurgical vaginal rejuvenation techniques are growing in popularity. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons reports a 90% satisfaction rate in women who’ve had their labia reshaped by surgery. Some predict it to be one of the top plastic surgery procedures of 2019.

Keeping it close to home

One trend that seems to be taking on speed is the race toward home — rather than to far-off lands — for plastic surgery treatments. While medical tourism enjoyed popularity for awhile, many women and men who were drawn outside the U.S. by the hopes of less expensive procedures have found themselves suffering from complications once they return home. Adding a return trip for revision surgery or consulting a U.S.-based surgeon to repair the damage wipes out any possible cost savings. Patients tend to have no legal recourse, either, when things go wrong.

Whether you’re looking for a tweak or a dramatic change, a minimally invasive treatment or natural-looking plastic surgery, the most important decision you’ll make is to find the most expert and experienced plastic surgeon possible. To set up a consultation with Dr. Garcia, call the office to arrange for an in-person or Skype plastic surgery Las Vegas visit.

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