It has always fascinated me how patients choose whom to do their surgery. Many fall prey to marketing gimmicks like lunchtime lipo, only local anesthesia,back to work the same day and other marketing hyperbole. Liposuction, performed by a well-trained physician in

the proper location, is  a very safe and rewarding experience. But when doctors that take a weekend course on how to perform liposuction and then offer to do it in their office at a discounted rate, the truth eventually comes out. Many of those doctors are not board certified plastic surgeons, many are trained in other specialties like emergency medicine or family practice and take a weekend course to learn how to perform liposuction. Most states cannot tell a doctor what kind of medicine they can practice, but a hospital has to verify the doctor’s training. That is one reason why prior to having liposuction, you should always confirm that the doctor can perform the proposed procedure at a local hospital. If they cannot, that is  a red flag to go somewhere else. There are many plastic surgeons that have  a certified office operating room and as long as they can perform the surgery at a local hospital, they likely have the correct training and credentials.Below is a story about what the state of Florida is doing in order to try to keep patients safe.

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