Have life’s activities led you to wish for a rejuvenated silhouette or figure? For many women, weight loss and gain, pregnancy or breast-feeding can all cause the breasts to change shape, lose volume and sag.

breast liftWhile breast augmentation surgery remains the most popular cosmetic surgery in the country – breast lifts are growing in popularity. Although a breast lift can dramatically change the shape of your breasts, it will not enlarge your breasts or add volume to the breasts. Breast lifts do not use implants.

Breast lifts are growing in popularity because many women do not seek larger breasts, but do seek to restore a younger appearance. In fact, many women who have never considered breast surgery in the past now visit our office to discuss breast lift surgery.

A breast lift elevates the breast tissue and tightens the skin on the surface of the breasts, creating a lifted, contoured shape. The necessary incisions are made inside the armpit or around the areola of the breast. They can also be made in the fold underneath the breast. From here the skin will be tightened and excess skin removed. Over a few weeks your incisions will heal and your beautiful new figure will reveal itself.

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