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You know you need something to improve the way you look, but you’re not sure what. If you’re looking to reverse some of the signs of aging so that you appear as vital and energized as you feel, a brow lift (also called a forehead lift) may be the answer.

Dr. Julio Garcia, a plastic surgeon in Las Vegas NV‌ who also trained as an artist, often recommends a brow lift as a first cosmetic surgery procedure to reverse early signs of aging, including wrinkles on your brow and between your eyes. A brow lift can also be an add-on to other rejuvenating surgeries, such as a facelift, mini face lift, or blepharoplasty.

Do you need a brow lift? Here are some signs that it might be the best choice for you:

Botox isn’t working anymore

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If you have forehead furrows or deep-set frown lines, you may have been using Botox to control them. While Botox is the gold-standard first-line remedy for forehead wrinkles, if your wrinkles or deep or if your skin quality has deteriorated, you may need a stronger fix.

A forehead lift doesn’t just lift your skin, it also smooths it out, removing wrinkles and furrows. Dr. Garcia can even improve the look of “11s” between your brows with a forehead lift.

Your eyes are hooded or droopy

If you have hooded or droopy looking eyes, you may be thinking about blepharoplasty to remove excess fat and skin. While it could be that blepharoplasty is the right procedure for you, if your drooping is minimal, a brow lift may be enough to give you a more energized and alert look.

You want your whole face to look younger

If you’re aiming for a complete rejuvenation the a facelift, fat grafting, neck lift, and platysmaplasty, you’ll get a spectacular improvement in your mid face, lower face, and neck. That means no more sagging, gaunt cheeks, no more jowls, and no turkey neck.

But if your eyes are hooded or baggy, or your forehead is droopy and lined, those issues will still be present after your face lift. Be sure you mention all of the improvements you want to make when you consult with your expert Las Vegas plastic surgeon. If you want a higher, smoother forehead and more youthful looking eyes, you may need a forehead lift, upper blepharoplasty, lower blepharoplasty, all some combination of all three.

Get the right type of brow lift

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Once you and your surgeon decide that you’d benefit from a brow lift, it’s important to then discuss what type of lift works with your anatomy, degree of sagging, and hairline. You may have heard about an “endoscopic brow lift,” which is less invasive than open brow lift surgery, and you’re wondering if it would work for you.

While Dr. Garcia performs endoscopic lifts on request with excellent results, he always warns patients that the results are less predictable and not as long lasting as open surgery. Therefore, Dr. Garcia pioneered another approach that combines the long-lasting effects of open surgery with the discretion of an endoscopic procedure.

In this modified approach — which surgeons from around the world have traveled to learn from Dr. Garcia — the incision is placed well behind the hairline. This gives Dr. Garcia more control over the placement of your brow and also avoids complications of other approaches, including cowlicks, numbness, and hair loss. 

Preparing for a brow lift

Even though a brow lift alone is a less involved surgery than a facelift or rhinoplasty, it’s still surgery, and you need to prepare emotionally and physically. Make sure you have a ride home after your procedure, because you’ll be sore and groggy from the anesthesia.

Prepare to take off from work and other responsibilities for a few days to a week so you can heal. If you wish, you can recuperate in a private recovery suite that Dr. Garcia’s staff can arrange for you.

You’ll also be advised to hold off on strenuous activities, such as going to the gym, for about four to six weeks. You shouldn’t color your hair during that period, either.

What to expect the “day of”

surgeon putting on surgical gloves

You don’t have to worry about shaving or cutting your hair: Dr. Garcia’s assistants pull your hair back in small rubber bands before your procedure. You can request general anesthesia for your procedure, or a twilight anesthesia, which may make you drowsy or fall asleep.

When creating the incision on your scalp, Dr. Garcia makes darts that accommodate the unique shape of your skull, to be sure that the skin re-draping looks smooth and natural. He may also shave down part of your brow bone for a more flattering and less severe appearance.

Dr. Garcia re-drapes your skin so that your brow is more lifted and youthful looking. He takes care that your eyebrows still look beautiful and natural and that your hairline is not raised too much. At every step, Dr. Garcia uses his knowledge of anatomy and aesthetics to be sure your brow lift is attractive and natural. 

Dr. Garcia removes the surgical drain and bandages the next day, and the stitches at about seven to 10 days.

Long-lasting effects

Within two months, you have a completely refreshed and rejuvenated look. Add in a makeover or a new hairstyle to deflect attention from surgery, and your friends and co-workers will think you’ve spent the last month on vacation.

Your brow lift should last between five and eight years. With care and regular rejuvenating treatments, such as lasers, it could last longer. To schedule a brow lift consultation with Dr. Garcia, a plastic surgeon in Las Vegas NV‌, call the office or use the email form.

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