I t amazes me how some surgeons think that using ‘buzz words’ will make people do silly things. In the article below it speaks about how doctors are now using gold threads to lift tissue of the face and keep you looking younger. Well, as your Grandma told you, ‘if is sounds too good to be true, it usually is’. Here is another case of that. The threads , if you feel so inclined to have them placed, will in time break, and they may break faster on one side versus the other, leaving you lop-sided. You can have a reaction to the gold, and you will develop possibly scar tissue to encase the gold thread but no collagen will be created outside of that so there will be no collagen formation that will make you look younger. I suggest two things to my readers. First read the article below as we all deserve a smile and the feeling that we are smarter than some others; and second, forget about the golden threads, just today’s version of an attempt to take the gold out of your pockets.

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