why consider laser lipo in las vegas

Did you know that all of the dieting and exercising you’re doing to lose the holiday weight may be causing you more harm than good? And that even if you found a perfectly healthy weight-loss program, you might still have pockets of resistant fat that are caused by your genetic makeup, not your diet?

If that weren’t annoying enough, achieving and maintaining an ideal figure can be undone by things like:Your gender (yes! If you’re a woman, it’s harder to stay slim!)

  • Eating unhealthy foods (even if the calorie count is “good”)
  • Not exercising enough
  • Exercising too much!
  • Eating too much fat
  • Not eating enough (good) fat!
  • Eating sugar
  • Not sleeping enough
  • Living under chronic stress
  • Having hormonal imbalances (particularly PCOS)
  • Inflammation (from illness or poor nutrition)

Weight Loss Isn’t Just About Looking Good

why consider laser lipo in las vegas

Our weight and fat-to-muscle ratio isn’t just a cosmetic concern. Being obese or even overweight comes with a slew of health issues. The American Medical Association considers obesity a disease. You can determine where you fall on the scale of healthy weight to obesity by calculating your BMI:

  • 25 to 29: Overweight
  • 30 or more: Obese
  • 40 or more: Morbidly obese

The Problem With Dieting

Eating fewer calories on the latest trendy “diet” so that you can achieve your ideal figure not only makes you feel like you’re starving, your body feels like it’s starving, too! This uncomfortable sensation causes it to produce stress hormones that put the brakes on your metabolism. Your body burns fewer calories, so it takes longer than normal to lose weight. And then, when you’ve achieved your goal weight and go off the diet, your “starving” body holds onto the extra calories you’re now consuming and stores them. That’s why the weight ends up right back where it was — or worse. Because your body doesn’t want to “starve” again, it hoards as many calories and creates as much fat as possible so it’ll have reserves draw upon in the future, as needed.

The Problem With Exercise

why consider laser lipo in las vegas

Maybe you’ve heard or experienced for yourself how ineffectual fad diets are for weight loss, so you’ve decided to beef up your exercise routine and start running 5 miles or more a day. While regular exercise is essential for health and maintaining a healthy BMI, overdoing it can release cortisol — a stress hormone. And just as the stress hormones caused you to store fat while dieting, they do the same if you over-do the running or other exercise. That’s why so many health advocates now recommend a combination of burst-intensity aerobic exercises (where you push yourself to full exertion for only a minute or two at a time), weight training, and stretching/strengthening programs such as yoga.

Weight training doesn’t just build more muscle mass and make you stronger. Having more muscle on your body actually helps you burn more calories and burn them more efficiently. The fact that men have more and denser muscles is one of the reasons it’s easier for them to lose and maintain weight than it is for women to do so.

The Problem With (not) Sleeping

Being sleep deprived impairs your decision making and wears down your resistance to temptations like an instant mood boost from a chocolate bar. Sleepiness, being tired, and feeling depressed are all states that create cravings for carbohydrates. And, of course, going for the carbs increases your chances of gaining weight, leading to more sleepiness, depression, etc.

In fact, all of the lifestyle-related issues “feed” into one another, making it difficult for you to jumpstart your weight loss without a plan or outside assistance. Trying to do it all on your own can lead to frustration and even depression, which leads to… well, you know!

Decades of Bad Advice

why consider laser lipo in las vegas

Unfortunately, recent research has shown that much of the health advice that we were given over the years was detrimental to our well-being. Replacing fat with sugar was just one example.

The consensus now is that a whole-foods diet that emphasizes fresh vegetables and fruits, high-quality protein, and high-quality fats helps our bodies perform most efficiently. That’s not just the latest fad — the world’s healthiest cuisines are built upon such principles. Of course, modern women and men have the complication of needing to avoid tempting sugar-filled and processed foods that have become part of our culture.

Build a Team to Create Your Ideal Figure

If you want to reshape your figure and your life, you need to make permanent holistic changes to your lifestyle that increase your strength and vitality. This may include building a team that helps support your mission, including a:

  • Friend or friends to go to the gym with
  • Trainer to design the best workout for your body and your lifestyle
  • Medical doctor to evaluate underlying conditions that may be causing you to store fat
  • Nutritionist to tailor-make a dietary plan that you can use for the rest of your life
  • Plastic surgeon in Las Vegas to remove stubborn, genetic fat with laser liposuction

Remove Stubborn Fat Permanently

why consider laser lipo in las vegas

If you’ve been frustrated by past attempts to lose stubborn fat (i.e., muffin tops, saddle bags, and love handles), you now know it’s not really your fault. You may have been on the wrong diet, doing the wrong exercise, you may have underlying inflammation, or you may have a genetic propensity to store fat in your hips, thighs and abdomen.

Whatever the reason, if you have unsightly bulges of fat that you’d like to remove for good, Julio Garcia, MD, a plastic surgeon in Las Vegas, Nevada, can permanently eliminate them with liposuction or laser liposuction. When combined with a healthy lifestyle, laser liposuction can give you the figure of your dreams that will last a lifetime.

Why Consider Laser Lipo in Las Vegas?

Whether you’ve already lost most of your unwanted weight, or you’ve just started on this journey, removing excess fat cells through laser liposuction can give you the jumpstart you need to keep you and your metabolism revved up. Getting your ideal figure through liposuction gives you an immediate boost of self-esteem and confidence that helps you take off excess weight and/or keep it off. The fat cells that are removed through laser lipo will never return or grow back. As long as you maintain your weight, you’ll maintain your beautiful new physique.

Improve your BMI and get your ideal figure with laser liposuction in 2018. Dr. Garcia is happy to meet with you to discuss your body-contouring goals and explain how laser liposuction can help you reach them.


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