getting breast implants in las vegas

You’ve been dreaming of larger, firmer, more beautiful breasts for awhile. And — even though you know you can choose from a variety of implant fillings — you’re pretty sure silicone is the right material to help you achieve your ideal figure. But, you wonder, are silicone breast implants really safe?

Whenever you have questions about cosmetic plastic surgery procedures such as breast augmentation in Las Vegas, finding an expert will give you the answers you need. Dr. Julio Garcia, who trained as an artist as well as a surgeon, addresses all of your concerns — including safety — as he helps you choose the right type of breast procedure or implant for your body type, desired figure, and needs.

Dr. Garcia also is transparent about the risks that come with any type of surgery and all kinds of implants, whether they’re made of silicone, saline, or a combination of materials. Knowing what those risks are actually helps you and Dr. Garcia decide if breast augmentation is the right procedure for you, and to choose the perfect size, shape, and filling material for your implant.

Silicone Breast Implants and the Risk for Cancer

getting breast implants in las vegas

You may have read headlines or articles about how breast implants are associated with a slightly increased risk for breast cancer. That’s a sobering thought, but the facts are more comforting.

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, more than 300,000 women opted to enhance their figures with breast implants in 2017 — up 3 percent from the year before. Despite the vast and growing number of women with breast implants, researchers have never been able to find an increased risk for malignant breast cancer in women who undergo breast augmentation.

Today’s silicone breasts are safer than ever and FDA-approved. In fact, oncologists commonly recommend that their mastectomy patients receive silicone implants for breast reconstruction after cancer treatment.

However, a usually benign, extremely rare form of immune-system cancer called anaplastic large cell lymphoma (ALCL) may be more likely to occur in women with breast implants. The increased risk was most strongly associated with breast implants that have textured backs that fuse to your underlying breast tissue, such as teardrop-shaped implants.

ALCL only affects one in every 500,000 women, and was found in no more than 60 of the more than 10 million women who’ve received breast implants worldwide. In addition, the benign tumor is easily removed with surgery and won’t affect your overall health. If you’re still concerned, you can talk to Dr. Garcia about choosing non-textured breast implants to reduce your risk of ALCL even further.

Safe and Accurate Testing With Silicone Breasts

Traditional mammograms squeeze your breasts between plates so that your breast tissue can be visualized and checked for abnormalities. However, the X-rays in mammograms can’t penetrate silicone to accurately visualize the breast tissue below. If you have silicone implants, you should alert your technician before your appointment so he or she can prepare to take extra views of your breast by using a special technique called displacement.

With displacement, mammogram technicians push your implant back toward your chest and move your breast forward. The technique may be a little less comfortable than traditional mammograms, especially if you have any scar tissue. However, the extra views help your technician and doctor thoroughly evaluate your breasts’s health.

The Risk of Rupture With Silicone Breasts

getting breast implants in las vegas

Another concern with soft, natural-feeling silicone breasts is that they may rupture, leaking silicone gel into your chest cavity. To minimize this risk, manufacturers devised new kinds of silicone implants that are less likely to rupture.

Today’s silicone implants undergo a rigorous testing period, during which they’re subjected to forces that exceed those they’re likely to undergo in the human body. Dr. Garcia further ensures the integrity of your implants by conducting regular MRI exams to identify any wear and tear. Checking with an MRI is essential because the capsular tissue that forms around your breast implant as a normal part of healing sometimes contains a rupture so that it creates no symptoms or signs.

To minimize the risk of rupture further, you can choose a type of silicone implant that’s denser than traditional implants. Known as a cohesive-gel implant — and colloquially referred to as a “gummy bear implant” — these types of silicone implants tend to stay intact and hold their shape better, owing to their firm texture.

Thanks to these advances in manufacture and testing, you can be confident that your silicone implants will maintain their shape and form. You can live an active lifestyle without worrying about rupture. Dr. Garcia recommends replacing breast implants about every 10 years.

Silicone Breasts Don’t Affect Nursing

If you've been thinking about getting breast implants in las vegas, be sure to let Dr. Garcia know if you haven’t yet finished your family.When Dr. Garcia inserts your silicone breast implant, he makes sure that it doesn’t affect with your breasts’ function. You can lactate and nurse normally.

Because today’s silicone breasts are stronger and better tested than ever, you can be sure that they won’t affect the quality of your breast milk, either. No tests have ever demonstrated leakage from silicone breasts into breast milk. Silicone is known to be a safe material that’s often used to make baby products, including nipples for bottle feeding.

You Have Other Options, Too

Even with their excellent safety profile, natural look, and natural feel, silicone breast implants may not be for you. Perhaps even the tiniest risk of health problems or rupture that they pose still makes you nervous. In such a case, Dr. Garcia may recommend saline implants instead.

Saline implants are filled with salt water. In cases of ruptures or leaks, your body easily absorbs and eliminates the saline. To get a more natural feel, you could opt for a structured saline implant that has a silicone core. In the rare case of rupture, your body absorbs the saline and the silicone core stays intact.

Depending on what your ultimate goal is, you and Dr. Garcia may even decide that you don’t need breast augmentation with silicone or other kinds of implants at all. If your desire for breast augmentation arose from dissatisfaction with breasts that have lost volume and lift due to aging or pregnancy, Dr. Garcia first recommends breast lift surgery.

Dr. Garcia’s breast lifts are so rejuvenating and aesthetically pleasing that most women choose not to proceed to breast augmentation, even when they’d originally consulted him about implants. Dr. Garcia is so confident of his ability to rejuvenate your breasts with a breast lift alone that he recommends waiting at least six months after a breast lift before moving onto an augmentation.

Whether you’re sure you want silicone implants or you just know you want perkier and curvier breasts, consulting with Dr. Garcia is the first step. He takes careful measurements of your unique body shape, discusses your ultimate goal, and helps you decide which type of procedure and/or implants is best for you. When it's time for getting breast implants in las vegas by phone or online form to set up a breast augmentation consultation today.

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