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If you want to be on trend in 2018, think Bold, Beautiful and Healthy. From crystal eyeliner and ultraviolet heels to smudged red lips, bare faces, and pixie cuts, the new looks demand attention.

To be sure you’re ready when your daring palette turns heads your way, your skin and hair have to be in their best shape yet. Read about the top trends below — and the ways you can help pull them off, no matter how many New Year’s Eves you’ve toasted.

Epic Lips

Pouty, full, and noticeable. If you play it right, your lips can carry your whole look in 2018. This season’s reds are delectable and cherry-tinted with blueberry undertones. Apply them with a heavy hand for a deeply layered look. And don’t worry if you smudge or color outside the lines: The slept-in and overdrawn mommy-I’m-just-like-you looks are all the rage.

Can’t show up to work in the morning looking like you spent the night giving and getting hickeys? Go to the opposite extreme and find a peachy gloss to protect your pout. Or apply a stain and then wipe it off for a barely there, ghosted look.

But before you smear on the color, consider your lips themselves. Be sure they’re at their sexiest by plumping and reshaping with hyaluronic-acid-based dermal fillers. You can use the HAs to reveal more vermillion, deepen or even out your cupid’s bow, create more symmetry, and add luscious volume. If there’s one cosmetic procedure you need to do for 2018, consider this: Just plumping your lips ratchets up your sex appeal and can knock 5 years off your face.

Eyes That Slay

Crayon-thick stripes of blue or yellow. Gold highlighting. Cats eyes drawn on as heavy as a ballerina’s stage make-up. These are just a few knock-em-dead looks for y eyes that are in this season. And if that all seems a little ho-hum for you, try a trio of crystals underneath your eyes to make them glitter like stars.

Of course, if you’re putting all eyes on your eyes, you don’t want to distract with crow’s feet, smiles lines, under-eye circles or deep troughs. Take care of wrinkles by relaxing the muscles that cause them with Botox or Dysport. Fill in your under-eye area with HAs to remove dark circles and tear troughs.

Ridiculous Skin

Whether you plan to focus 2018 on your lips or eyes, or alternate between, being on trend will fall flat unless your skin glows with health and youth. The two hottest looks for 2018 skin are gold-flecked and spa-glowing — both are transparent, and depend on showing your bare, naked, perfectly imperfect skin. Are you ready?

If not, get that skin as healthy as possible with laser resurfacing that not only removes discolorations like sun spots and freckles, but stimulates your skin to produce more collagen and elastin. You should start as soon as you see the first signs of skin fatigue, like light wrinkling, thinning, sagging, uneven tone, or dark spots. Touch-ups every two years help you keep that glow — with or without the gold highlighting.

You can also add even more volume to your skin, or even do something dramatic — like creating the elegant cheekbones you’ve always dreamed of — by using the HAs to plump your skin. Be sure to consult with an expert cosmetic surgeon in Las Vegas like Dr. Julio Garcia — who knows what looks best on you. His background as an artist and a surgeon means you can get a dramatic new look that still looks natural and harmonious in just one quick office visit.

If you have forehead wrinkles, smooth them out with Botox or Dysport. You can use the neuromodulators in your jaw, too, to give you a more feminine and heart-shaped face.

On Fleek Hair

No matter how boldly and beautifully you paint and sculpt your face, if you don’t have the right frame (aka a great hairstyle), all your hard work can all fall flat. Hair in 2018 goes to extremes, from flattering pixie cuts to shaggy, layered bobs all the way to long, long, let-down-your-hair Rapunzel tresses. Fantasy colors are still in — especially if they have a metallic sheen. Grandma gray is hotter than ever for GMILFs and under.

Hair, like nails, is one place to get super creative (at least, after the 9-5). Pony tails with braids, ribbons, half-up, half-down, and be-decked with flowers are an easy way to take your tresses to fantasy land — no matter what your hair color.

NSFW Nails

French manicures have gotten an update with new colors, reverse stripes, and stripes in general. Squared-off long tips, or blunt cut short nails call attention to your hands with unexpected shapes and colors. But make sure your hands are worthy of the attention they’ll get. Get rid of sun spots with laser treatments. If the skin looks thin, dermal fillers plump them up again.

Get It Up Now

Gone are the days when women and men waited until they were in their 70s before getting a facelift. By that time, your skin last has lost elasticity, your face has lost fat, and your skull has lost bone. That’s why the old facelifts looked unnatural and unflattering. They were too little, too late.

If you’ve noticed any kind of sagging or jowling and your laser therapy wasn’t enough to lift you up again, talk to Dr. Garcia about a mini face lift. That old adage about a “stitch in time saves nine” applies to your face, too. The sooner you take care of sagging and excess skin with laser therapy, HA dermal fillers, and a mini lift, the less you’ll have to do in the future. It’s not unusual to get your first full facelift and neck lift in your early 40s. That way, you put your best face forward for 2018… and keep it going til 2028!

If you’re ready to make the most of the top beauty trends of 2018, talk to Dr. Garcia -- an expert plastic surgeon -- about how to prepare your canvas for the most beautiful you yet.

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