getting breast implants in las vegas

You want a beautiful, full figure with luscious breasts that look and feel absolutely natural. But after your breast-implant procedure you realize you’ve been left with tell-tale scars. Does it have to be like this?

When you’re getting breast implants in Las Vegas, one of your prime goals must be to find a plastic surgeon who’s an expert and experienced enough to augment your breasts without leaving visible scars. You must spend time consulting with the best plastic surgeons in the area, looking at their before-and-after photos, and speaking to their satisfied patients.

Does that sound like a lot of time and energy? It is, but you’re worth it, and so are your breasts.

Look for Artistry as Well as Skill

getting breast implants in las vegas

Dr. Julio Garcia, a top plastic surgeon in Las Vegas, not only brings his highly developed surgical skills to every procedure, he brings his discerning, artistic vision. In addition to his medical training, Dr. Garcia earned a bachelor’s degree in Art History, so he understands the importance of aesthetics. That’s why he makes sure to hide your incisions so they won’t mar your beautifully augmented breasts.

“Invisible” Scars May Still Be Felt

When performing breast augmentation, also known as augmentation mammoplasty, plastic surgeons generally choose one of two discreet sites to place your incisions:

  • In the breast crease, where the bottom of your breast meets your chest
  • Around the areola

Each of these areas provides a natural crease or color change that masks the incisions. Dr. Garcia never cuts wider or longer than is absolutely necessary — another skill that allows your incisions to heal without visible scarring. From all appearances, your breasts are scar-free.

However, you don’t just want your breasts to look beautiful, you want them to feel beautiful, too. And in an intimate situation, those “invisible” scars might not just be seen, but felt.

Underarm Incisions Keep Your Breasts Scar-Free

getting breast implants in las vegas

When you want a perfectly scar-free breast augmentation that holds up under the closest gaze and the most passionate touch, Dr. Garcia places your incisions in another area altogether — away from your breasts. No one will be able to see or feel a scar on your breast for the simple reason that there isn’t one.

For maximum discretion and scar-free breast augmentation, Dr. Garcia makes the incision in the crease of your underarm. He then creates a pocket in your breast through that incision, and expertly guides the implant into the pocket. This simple, scar-free approach is known as transaxillary breast augmentation.

Scar-Free Is Also Less Traumatic

Placing a breast implant through the armpit has advantages that go beyond the aesthetic. Dr. Garcia uses sharp electrocautery dissection that creates a very thin, less traumatic incision that’s only about 4 cm long. He then inserts a mini camera called an endoscope through the incision to guide him precisely as he performs the procedure. These cutting-edge instruments allow him to create a perfectly sized pocket for your implant without traumatizing surrounding tissue.

Another benefit is that the implant is placed into the pocket through a funnel rather than the surgeon’s hands. This guarantees that your implant is 100% sterile. Once the implant is in the pocket that Dr. Garcia created in your breast, he expertly adjusts its position so that it creates the amount of volume, lift, and projection you desire.

Faster Recovery

getting breast implants in las vegas

Less trauma during your breast augmentation surgery translates into less downtime for you, too. Though Dr. Garcia always encourages you to take a break from work and responsibilities for at least a week or two after breast augmentation, you may feel like your normal, energetic self within just a few days. You should avoid heavy lifting or intense exercise for at least two to four weeks.

Raise Your Hand If You Hate Scars

You might be worried that the incisions in your underarms could leave noticeable scars and that you may feel self-conscious when in a sleeveless top or bathing suit. However, Dr. Garcia expertly places the incision in the folds of your underarm skin, in an area that’s not visible. No one but you and he will know that you had transaxillary breast augmentation.

You can raise your arms above your head and carry on your life as normal. Your scars are so light and so well hidden that you’ll never have to worry about them.

Choose Your Implant Carefully

getting breast implants in las vegas

When you meet with Dr. Garcia, he goes over the kinds of results you’d like to see from your breast augmentation, including how high, how projected, and how round you want them.

You can choose from a variety of sizes, shapes, and textures of implants, including:

  • Round
  • Tear Drop
  • Saline-filled
  • Structured saline
  • Silicone-filled
  • Gummy-bear implants

Gummy-bear implants are made of silicone but have a firmer texture than traditional implants. The advantage to this type of filling is that it can’t leak, which makes gummy-bear implants safe and reduces the need for replacement surgery.

In addition to their unnaturally solid texture, however, they have another disadvantage. Gummy-bear implants require longer incisions. And longer incisions increase the risk of scarring, even in the arm pit. You can discuss how these implants affect your scars when you meet Dr. Garcia for a consultation.

Pamper Your Incision Sites

After your breast augmentation surgery, Dr. Garcia and his helpful staff give you comprehensive postoperative-care guidelines. This includes how to clean your incisions and how often to do so. You may also be given a cream that facilitates healing of your incision sites and further minimizes the chance of scarring.

It’s Not Too Late!

Don’t worry if you already had a breast augmentation through another approach, such as the areola or breast crease. If you have breast-augmentation scars that can be seen or felt, Dr. Garcia and his aesthetic team can improve them. Just as a chemical peel improves the look and feel of skin on your face, a peel can be used to improve breast skin scars, too. Your aesthetician may also reduce the look and feel of your scar with polishing techniques such as dermafiling or with laser resurfacing.

Get the breasts of your dreams without the nightmare of scars. You can contact Dr. Garcia about transaxillary breast augmentation by phone or online form.

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