If you are planning to undergo breast augmentation surgery, you’ve likely be asking yourself a lot of questions. What shape implant should I use? What size? What material?

breast augmentationMany patients do not realize that they should also be asking themselves where they would like their implant placed – either above or below the muscle on the chest wall. This may seem like an unnecessary decision, however, placement is important because the chest muscle can provide additional support for the implant and change the shape of the breast.

If you have small breasts it is advisable to place the implant below the chest muscle. This will shape the breast and give it a natural appearance. Saline implants should be placed below the chest muscle. Saline implants are more firm than silicone implants, the chest muscle can help protect the implant from damage and keep it looking natural.

Only patients that are using silicone implants or have larger natural breasts should consider above the muscle placement.

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