Your eyes are one of the most prominent features of your entire body. In fact, the eyes are one of the places that will tell your age sooner than any other. Unfortunately for many of Dr. Garcia’s patients, the eyes are making them look and feel much older or more tired than they really are.

The skin around the eyes is very delicate and takes a great deal of wear and tear over the years, causing them to look older more quickly than other parts of your face. If you would like to correct sagging skin either above or below your eyes, consider a surgical eyelid lift by Dr. Julio Garcia.

image-foreheadAlso known as a blepharoplasty, eyelifts are extremely popular cosmetic surgeries due to their impressive results and quick recovery times. If your upper eyelids are sagging to the point of making you feel old, or even impeding your vision, Dr. Garcia can remove the excess skin and tissue above your eye and tighten the remaining skin making you look years younger, instantly. The skin below your eyes, also called “bags” under your eyes, can also be lifted and tightened to make you look more rested and younger.

The small scars left behind will naturally soften and heal into the creases of your eye, making them virtually invisible to others following your recovery. You should expect to fully recover in 1-2 weeks following surgery.

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