There is a “new” item on the facial appearance market called a bungee facelift. For those of you that have not seen it thrust upon you lately by the media, it is essentially an elastic band attached to two clips similar to hair combs. The lift is achieved by placing the comb ends into the temple scalp hair, tightening the cords, and then draping the hair over it to conceal them. It is actually nothing new. There were movie stars in the early 20th century using similar techniques with the hooks from old bras being glued to the skin and then using rubber bands. Those astute viewers might also have seen some celebrities possibly using them in famous movies. It would appear that Joe Pesci, one of my favorite actors, might have used one in the movie Casino. You can see a somewhat unnatural pull on his cheek area that causes some flattening of the area. A word of caution about its prolonged use is that since the elastic band is placing your hair comb on tension, there can be hair loss in those areas, prompting the need to move the device and then it not being able to be covered well. If the hair is pulled out by the follicle, it also might result in a permanent hair loss. Is it a replacement for a facelift, obviously not, but it is another in the large number of items out there claiming facelift results with lower cost and no downtime. Caveat Emptor.

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