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As women and men become more conscious of staying in shape and looking their best, the popularity of body-contouring procedures has grown, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. In fact, liposuction procedures have jumped by about 23% among men alone in the last five years.

Body contouring with liposuction gives you power over your ultimate shape in a way that diet and exercise alone simply can’t. Because pockets of fat —such as muffin tops and love handles — are determined by genetics, not lifestyle, they have a tendency to stick around no matter how rigorous your routine is.

Unlike some of the newer, nonsurgical body-shaping techniques that have cropped up in the last several years, liposuction’s been around a long time. That’s both good and bad for its reputation. Along its 30+ year history, liposuction procedures have become associated a number of myths that obscure its as a safe, effective way to permanently and easily remove inches of fat in one procedure.

Julio Garcia, MD, an expert plastic surgeon who trained as an artist, too, has successfully and aesthetically reshaped the figures of both men and women with liposuction for more than 20 years. If you’re wondering where to get liposuction in Las Vegas, and if it’s the best choice for you, the following myth-busters can help you make up your mind.

Myth 1: Liposuction Isn’t Safe

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FDA-cleared liposuction has a decades-long history of safety and efficacy.Newer techniques, such as first injecting the treatment area with a special tumescent fluid, and using smaller cannulas (tubes) to remove the fat, have made liposuction safer and more effective than ever.

As with any medical or surgical procedure, liposuction does have some risks. Dr. Garcia spends time discussing rare complications, and how best to avoid them. He gives you explicit pre-surgery and aftercare instructions so you’ll have the most satisfactory and aesthetically pleasing outcome possible.

Depending on how large an area you want treated, Dr. Garcia may be able to perform your treatment without general anesthesia. In addition to any sedation required, the tumescent fluid contains lidocaine to control discomfort.

Myth #2 The Cannulas Are Large

In the early days of liposuction, the metal tubes (cannulas) that were used to vacuum away the fat were much larger than they are today. When cannulas were up to 8 mm in diameter back in the ‘90s, the liposuction procedure itself was more aggressive and traumatic, which therefore required a longer recovery time.

Dr. Garcia prefers to perform liposuction using mini cannulas that can be as small as 2.8 mm to 3.5 mm in diameter. The smaller tubes are less traumatic for your body and therefore allow you to heal faster. The mini cannulas also give Dr. Garcia more control over the fat-removal process so that he can achieve uniform results and finer detailing.

Myth #3 Liposuction Results Are Lumpy

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When performed by an expert plastic surgeon with an artist’s eye, such as Dr. Garcia, your liposuction results are beautifully uniform. To enhance your final look, Dr. Garcia first injects the treatment site with a special saline-based fluid that contains lidocaine to control discomfort, adrenaline to minimize bleeding, and sodium bicarbonate to break up the fat so that it’s easy to siphon away.

By using small cannulas, Dr. Garcia is able to create smooth contours that flatter your physique. You can also choose ultrasound-assisted lipoplasty to further break up the fat and make your results smooth.

Myth #4 Liposuction Needs a Long Recovery Time

Every woman and man reacts differently to liposuction. Some feel fit and ready for normal activities within a few days. However, most need time to let their bodies heal and for post procedure swelling to resolve.

Liposuction and ultrasound-assisted lipoplasty usually need a recovery time of about two to three days until you can return to work, school, and low-level activities. Dr. Garcia recommends you wait at least two to three weeks before gradually adding back in exercise and more vigorous activities.

You can control postoperative swelling with compression garments. This also helps increase your comfort. Allow your body about three to four months to completely resolve swelling before evaluating your final results.

Myth #5 You Can’t Lipo Away Your Double Chin

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Liposuction can be used for facial fat removal from the cheeks and chin. If you have a double chin that makes you look heavier or older, Dr. Garcia removes it in a single liposuction section that requires no general anesthesia. He performs your procedure in the office using a light sedative.

Myth #6 Liposuction Is Great for Losing Weight

If you’re obese or overweight, you’re probably not quite ready for liposuction or ultrasound-assisted lipoplasty. All body-contouring techniques work best when you’re already at or near a healthy weight.

In fact, if you have a tendency to gain and lose weight in cycles, or are obese, Dr. Garcia discourages you from liposuction. He helps you by making lifestyle-change suggestions and can refer you to a specialist for medically supervised weight loss.

Once you’ve attained a healthy, stable weight, you can talk to Dr. Garcia again about liposuction. You’ll be happiest with your results if you’re already committed to a healthy lifestyle that lets you keep your new shape for years or decades to come.

Myth #7 Noninvasive Body-Contouring Is Easier

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With so many new, noninvasive or minimally invasive body-contouring techniques to choose from, deciding which is best for you can be confusing. Although many new body-contouring methods don’t have significant downtime, you usually require a series of treatments over many months to attain the same level of improvement that you’ll get with one liposuction session.

Even the least invasive body-contouring techniques can create swelling and discomfort that last as long as those associated with liposuction. Being re-treated every few months might not work with your schedule, either.

If you’d like to reshape your figure in one session, and see your final results within months, then liposuction is the way to go.

Myth #8 You Can’t Detail Your Muscles with Liposuction

Liposuction is the only type of body-contouring method now available that can be used to detail your muscles to make them “pop.” Dr. Garcia uses such small cannulas that he can remove fat from around or on your muscles, including those on your abdomen or arms. If you’d like a six-pack abs look, talk to Dr. Garcia about liposculpture.

Myth #9 Liposuction Is More Expensive

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Because liposuction is done in only one treatment session, it’s a cost-effective body-contouring therapy. Minimally invasive techniques that remove body and chin fat may require up to three or more treatment sessions. Add those up, and liposuction can end up costing less.

Myth #10 The Fat Comes Back

When you’re ready for liposuction, Dr. Garcia recommends that you’ve been able to maintain a stable weight over the long term. Even though the fat cells that were vacuumed away are gone forever, if you consume too many calories you may develop new fatty pockets. A commitment to a healthy weight determines how satisfactory your liposuction results will be.

If you’re now wondering where to get lipo in Las Vegas, contact Dr. Garcia for a consultation. Book your appointment online or call the office today.


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