finding the best plastic surgeon in Vegas

Childbirth, aging, cancer treatments, and the hormonal changes of menopause can cause dramatic changes in the quality of your vulvar and vaginal skin. Just as the supportive collagen in your face and hands breaks down with time and stress, so does the skin in and around your vagina. Thinner skin is less able to produce the lubricating moisture that diminishes friction during sexual intercourse, which may cause sex to become uncomfortable and even painful, a condition known as dyspareunia.

Even if your vaginal atrophy doesn’t make sex painful, it can make it less pleasurable. Your vaginal muscles become lax with time or even overstretched during childbirth. You may feel like you’re too “loose” and don’t experience as many or as intense sensations during sex as you did when younger. You may find it more difficult or even impossible to climax.

You may experience other symptoms, too, such as:

  • Dry vagina
  • Burning or itching vagina
  • Discharge from vagina
  • Light bleeding after sex
  • Shorter and tighter vagina

No Laughing Matter

finding the best plastic surgeon in Vegas

Lax muscles and thinning tissues can cause other changes in your genitourinary tract. You may have difficulty containing your urine when you laugh, sneeze, jump, or even get in or out of a car. Urinary incontinence can take other forms as well, including increased urgency, more trips to the bathroom (especially at night), and an inability to completely void your bladder. You might feel a burning sensation when you urinate, or experience an increase in urinary tract infections. This cluster of unwanted vagina and urinary symptoms is sometimes referred to as genitourinary syndrome of menopause or GMS.

You want to return to your pre-GMS or pre-pregnancy days, when sex felt good and you didn’t have to worry about laughing or try to stifle a sneeze. You’re tired of discomfort and of worrying about getting another urinary tract infection. If you’re ready for a change, it’s time to set about finding the best plastic surgeon in Vegas.

Lasers Go South

Julio Garcia, MD, an expert plastic surgeon in Las Vegas helps you make the changes you want with noninvasive laser treatments that rejuvenate your vulva, vagina, and genitourinary tract. You’ve seen the amazing difference in tone, texture, and lift that laser therapy can confer on faces; lasers offer similar benefits to reverse your vaginal atrophy and loosening.

More Collagen = Plumper, Healthier Skin

The heat from the laser forces the collagen in your skin to contract and produce newer, stronger strands of this essential protein. Laser therapy also stimulates your skin to produce more hyaluronic acid, which acts like a moisturizer and lubricant in your skin and joints. The combination of more collagen and hyaluronic acid restores your vaginal and vulvar tissues, making them youthful and plump again.

Your rejuvenated skin actually begins to act younger, too. Because the laser stimulates increased blood flow to your vaginal walls, they begin to produce more lubricating moisture. The collagen remodeling also makes your tissues stronger, which tightens and strengthens your vagina. Your urethra and urethral sphincter are also strengthened, which improves or reverses incontinence.

You and your partner might also notice a change in the outward appearance of your vulvar tissues. Your labia may be plumper, more youthful, and a healthier, more robust color.

A Relaxing and Comforting Procedure

finding the best plastic surgeon in Vegas

Unlike surgical vaginal rejuvenation, there’s no real downtime or siginificant recovery period for tissue regeneration with laser therapy. The procedure is only minutes long, relaxing and painless. You may feel a slight vibrating sensation as the laser wand treats your tissues. You can usually resume all normal activities, including sex, within a few days.

A complete series treatment consists of three laser rejuvenation sessions spaced about a month to a month and a half apart. However, you and your partner may notice a difference in tone, lubrication, and sensation directly after your first treatment. Benefits continue to accrue with your additional treatments and last for months afterward.

As with all cosmetic procedures, your laser vaginal rejuvenation requires touch ups so that you can maintain your benefits. Dr. Garcia recommends coming in for a follow-up treatment about six months to a year after your last initial-series appointment.

Better Sex and Sensation

Women and their partners notice the difference after vaginal rejuvenation with lasers that has a positive impact on their sex lives. You can expect:

  • Improved tightness
  • More lubrication
  • Less dryness
  • Less incontinence
  • More comfortable sex
  • Improved sexual confidence

During your consultation with Dr. Garcia, you’ll discuss whether laser therapy will be sufficient to tighten your vagina to the degree you desire. If not, Dr. Garcia can supplement the laser rejuvenation with a surgical correction of vaginal laxity. He can also make improvements to the appearance of the labia minor and majora to make them more aesthetic and pleasing to you.

Whether you only want laser vaginal rejuvenation, or are looking for surgical improvements, too,finding the best plastic surgeon in Vegas is the first step. You can contact Dr. Garcia’s professional and highly trained team for a vaginal rejuvenation consultation.


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