the best las vegas plastic surgeons

Your abs are toned, your thigh gap rocks. But you still have a couple of areas that prevent you from attaining the sleek, athletic look you’ve been working on for years.

You have arm vagina. And back fat. Can anything be done?

Taming the Fat Bulges

the best las vegas plastic surgeons

Since actress Jennifer Lawrence coined the term “arm vagina” on the red carpet this winter, women world-round finally have a way of succinctly expressing why and where they’d like to eliminate excess fat around their arm pits. While no equivalently colorful term has yet been coined for back fat (maybe leave a few suggestions in the “comment” box?), bulges above and underneath the bra area are another one of those aesthetic issues that women have been wrestling with for years. Sometimes literally wrestling, since trying to hide back fat under the seam of a tight, low-backed dress can take some muscle.

And though it may seem counterintuitive, many men not only have excess back fat, but arm vaginas, too. What are guys and gals to do?

Selective Liposuction to the Rescue

Luckily, liposuction has come a long way from the days when people suctioned away large swathes of stomach and thigh fat. Today’s tumescent liposuction and ultrasound-assisted lipoplasty techniques with mini cannulas (the metal straws that vacuum the fat) allow plastic surgeon artists like Dr. Julio Garcia in Las Vegas to selectively remove small areas of fat, precisely reshaping and contouring your body to your ideal. Liposuction confers so many benefits that it was the second most popular plastic-surgery technique in 2017, right under breast augmentation, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Liposuction procedures were up 5% from the year before, and the trend shows every sign of continuing.

Why Artists Make the Best Last Vegas Plastic Surgeons

the best las vegas plastic surgeons

A great plastic surgeon must also be a great artist because he or she is sculpting the world’s most valuable material: your body. Dr. Garcia began his career studying art in depth, and even earned his bachelor’s degree in Art History. During your liposuction consultation, spends time with you, talking about your needs and desires, looking at photos of your ideal body shape, and taking precise measurements of your body.

Dr. Garcia also evaluates the quality of your skin. If he notices that it’s loose and sagging or lacks elasticity, he may recommend a body lift in addition to your liposuction. A body lift tightens and removes excess skin from the areas that were treated with liposuction, creating a smooth and sleek surface with youthful, taut skin.

On the day of your procedure, Dr. Garcia draws out a map of the fatty areas that are to be removed and re-sculpted. His goal is to create a new figure that’s beautiful, flattering, and works in harmony with your unique body type.

It’s All About You

Tumescent liposculpture and ultrasound assisted lipoplasty are much less traumatic for the body than traditional liposuction, but you will still be undergoing surgery. Make sure you have arranged for someone to take care of the kids, pets, yard, meals, cleaning, and other household chores for the first two weeks after your surgery. You also need someone to drive you home after your liposculpture.

The good news is that removing fat from your underarms and back impairs your movement less than taking it from your abdominal core. You may even be one of the lucky men and women who’s able to return to their normal routine within days. Still, it’s best to arrange a couple of weeks off from work and play to allow your body to fully heal before subjecting it to stress.

Some of Dr. Garcia’s patients turn their surgery into a mini-spa vacation/rest time — especially if they’re traveling from out of state to be treated by one of the best las vegas plastic surgeons. Dr. Garcia’s friendly staff can help you with travel and lodging arrangements.

How You’ll Get Your Dreamy Armpits and Back

the best las vegas plastic surgeons

To remove fat from your armpits and back, you can choose to be awake with local anesthesia, in a twilight sleep, or completely asleep. Many patients prefer to be awake, as it lessens recovery time. Whatever your choice, one of Dr. Garcia’s expert nurses ensures that you stay hydrated during the operation by giving you intravenous fluids.

When you’re undergoing tumescent liposuction, Dr. Garcia first injects the treatment site with a numbing solution that also helps to break up the fat and make it easier to remove. The solution aids in controlling bleeding, too. Dr. Garcia then makes small incisions into which he inserts a mini cannula that will vacuum away the emulsified fat.

If you’ve opted for ultrasound-assisted lipoplasty, Dr. Garcia first powers up a generator that directs ultrasound energy (sound waves) through the cannula into the fat to break it up into even finer pieces. The final step in liposuction — whether plain tumescent or lipoplasty-assisted — is to permanently vacuum away the excess fat and solution.

Depending on your skin quality, Dr. Garcia may finish your procedure with a body lift. He pulls your excess skin tighter, stitches it into a new position, and then trims away the redundant skin.

If you’re a woman, your back-fat removal and body-lift scars can be hidden under your bra line. Armpit-fat removal and body-lift scars are hidden in the armpits themselves. If the scars’ appearance bothers you, they can be improved with lasers, chemical peels, and microneedling. If you didn’t have any body lifting, the cannula incisions are so small that they generally don’t create scars at all.

Preserve Your Best Investment

After your liposculpture, your body needs time to heal and your skin needs time to re-mold itself onto your new contours. Be patient during this process and within a few months, you’ll have the figure you’ve been dreaming of: arm-vagina and back-fat free!

It’s important to remember that liposuction is not a weight-control method. Even though Dr. Garcia permanently removed your fat and it won’t grow back, to keep your new sleek, athletic, and expertly contoured look, you must commit to a healthy lifestyle and maintain a stable weight.

When you’re ready to make the final touches to your figure by removing armpit fat and back fat, call Dr. Garcia’s helpful and his supportive team to arrange for a consultation.

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