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Whether you’re just getting ready for your first training bra or already thinking about a breast lift, finding the right type of bra that flatters the shape, size, and position of your breasts works wonders for your figure. Other than knowing your bra cup size, you may not have even realize that bras come in different shapes and — based on which you choose — can dramatically alter your silhouette for better or for worse.

Julio Garcia, MD, an expert Las Vegas plastic surgeon, knows how important balance and symmetry are when improving women’s figures. Whether you need a breast lift, breast augmentation, or breast reduction in Las Vegas‌, he takes the time to evaluate your figure so that the position and size of your new breasts are perfect for you.

Here he offers some advice on how to find the best bra for your breast size, whether natural, augmented, or reduced.

If you have shallow, or ski-slope-type breasts

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Breasts that are thinner at the top than at the bottom are flattered by push-up bras that have a lot of support and some padding at the bottom to make up for lost volume. These bras push your bottom-heavy tissue toward the top to give you a fuller and rounder look

If your breasts are round and minimally sagging

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Well-supported breasts like these will do well with most bra shapes. A demi-bra lets your girls play peekaboo, for flattering cleavage, as does a plunge bra. T-shirt bras keep your nipples under control under thin fabric. You also have enough natural support to benefit from wireless bras that are great for comfort and for athletic activities.

If you have very small breasts

Whether your breasts are small because they’ve just started growing, or whether you’ve reached your full cup size, a bandau, bralet or wireless bra are your best bets. These give you support and shape that looks natural and relaxed.

If your breasts are round and fully supported

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Full, round breasts are sometimes natural but are often the result of a beautifully executed breast augmentation with or without breast lift. You can basically wear any bra you choose: You’ll look great no matter what you do. You also have one of the few breast shapes that looks good in a Demi-bra or balconette style, which gives minimal support at the bottom and reveals a lot of skin up top.

If your breasts are asymmetrical

If one breast is fuller or lower than the other, and you’re not yet ready for or don’t want breast augmentation or a breast lift, carefully selecting a bra can make your breasts look more symmetrical. You can look for a Demi bra and remove the excess padding on one side, or find bras that already come with removable pads.

A plunge-style bra can also work because they often come with removable pads. Plunge bras push your breasts upward, to minimize the look of asymmetry.

If your breasts are wide apart

If you’re athletic or small breasted, your breasts may sit far away from one another or even point in opposite directions, which makes creating cleavage a challenge. A push up bra helps them get together again, with padding that sets them in the right direction. A wireless bra that allows you great range of motion flatters your more athletic build and is comfortable, too.

Plunge styles also work for your breast type. Plunge bras tend to push tissue toward the middle, to create more cleavage. A French-stye bra with a front closure will also push your breasts closer together.

If your breasts are narrow or hang

If your breasts are very narrow, they may not fit the width of a traditional bra cup. A wireless, athletic-type bra or a bandeau-type bralet lets you spread out and take up more space.

If you’re pointy

If you have conical breasts that look like the bottoms of ice-cream cones, go for padded bras that give you a rounder shape. Push up bras are great for you, too.

Trying it on for size

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Of course, the only way you can be sure you’ve got the right bra is try it on and see how you look both with clothes and without. Your bra cup should hold your breast tissue firmly without gaps or overflow. Lift your arms, bend over, and move around to make sure the bra band doesn’t ride up or otherwise twist out of shape. Check to be sure the straps are adjustable and don’t cut into your skin (particularly if your breasts are large or heavy).

Double-check your cup size

If you’ve been buying the same bra size for more than a few years, it’s time to re-measure. Weight loss or gain, pregnancy, and exercise can all change the size and shape of your breasts. Here’s how to do it:

1. Wear a nicely supportive bra that doesn’t have a lining in it.

2. Wrap the tape measure around the band area of the bra — right underneath your breasts. Round up to the nearest whole number. That’s your band size.

3. Measure around your back to the highest peaks of your breasts: Don’t squeeze! Make sure you can breathe in. Round up to the nearest whole number.

4. Subtract your band width from your cup width. The difference between them determines your cup size:

Less than 1 inch = AA cup

1 inches = A cup

2 inches = B cup

3 inches = C cup

4 inches = D cup

5 inches = DD/E

6 inches = DDD/F

7 inches = DDD/G

8 inches = H

12 inches = I

Just as you look for expertise in a plastic surgeon, you should look for expertise when buying the perfect bra, too. Research the high-end shops near you that feature sales help who’ve been trained to measure and fit you for the best bra size, cup shape, and level of support. Once you find the right style, you can update your bra wardrobe online whenever you wish.

And if you’re ready for a beautiful bustline that looks good in any type of bra, contact expert Las Vegas plastic surgeon Dr. Garcia about augmentation, breast lifts or breast reduction.

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