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When you’re thinking about giving yourself the beautiful, full, feminine breasts you’ve always dreamed of, the last thing you want to consider is how it can all go wrong. But knowing about blunders in breast augmentation can help you prevent them.

Julio Garcia, MD, a double-board certified expert plastic surgeon in Las Vegas believes that any woman who’s considering breast augmentation surgery should learn as much as possible about the procedure beforehand. Whether you want to correct asymmetric breasts, reconstruct breasts after mastectomy, or just enhance your figure, he shares his insights into how to avoid the most common breast-augmentation blunders and increase your chances of getting the curvy, flattering figure you deserve.

Picking the Wrong Size or Shape Implant

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Fuller, augmented breasts can be give you a head-turning and super feminine figure. However, if the implants are too large, small, or round for your body’s proportions, you’ll look unbalanced and unnatural.

Dr. Garcia trained as an artist before becoming one of the best plastic surgeons in Las Vegas. He brings his sense of proportion, symmetry, and harmony to every cosmetic procedure he performs, including breast augmentation.

During your consultation, he takes careful and precise measurements of your current figure, looks at photos of your ideal shape, and talks in depth with you about the effect you want to create with your breast augmentation. Based on your desires and your natural proportions, he recommends the best breast implant for you.

After a breast augmentation with Dr. Garcia, your new figure will look both stunning and proportionate. Not only does the correct size and shape of implant affect how satisfied you are with your procedure, it lowers the chances that you’ll later decide to remove or change your implants.

Augmenting When a Lift Is Sufficient

Although Dr. Garcia an expert and highly successful Las Vegas plastic surgeon, he never recommends more surgery than is necessary. In his experience, many women who think they want bigger, fuller breasts don’t need an augmentation at all. What they really need is a beautifully proportioned, rejuvenating breast lift to counteract the effects of aging, pregnancy, or weight loss.

When Dr. Garcia performs a breast lift (also known as mastopexy), he creates a higher position for your breasts that also gives them better projection. By removing excess tissue and tightening skin and muscle, he transforms a breast lift into a procedure that gives you perkier, more youthful and voluminous breasts — without any kind of implantation.

Dr. Garcia is so confident that his breast lifts are sufficient to reach your goals in most cases, that he never advises getting a breast lift and an augmentation at the same time. Instead, his recommendation is to wait at least three to six months after a breast lift. He finds that many of his patients are so thrilled at their new figures they decide not to get an augmentation after all.

Creating a Visible Scar

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Although every patient has different challenges, Dr. Garcia’s aim is to choose an incision site that masks your scar once you heal from your surgery. Some surgeons have a preferred incision technique that they use for every patient — but it might not be appropriate for you.

Dr. Garcia tries whenever possible to insert your implants through an incision in your armpit. This leaves your breasts totally scar free. Once your incision heals, it’s hidden in the folds of skin within your armpit and is therefore barely noticeable.

The other two sites he uses for a breast-implant incision are around the areola (the dark circle around your nipple). The change in skin texture and color that occurs there naturally provides good camouflage for your scar. Dr. Garcia may also hide the implant scar under your breast, in the natural crease between your breast and trunk.

After your recovery and healing, if you still notice the scar, you don’t have to despair. Dr. Garcia is an expert at improving scars using a variety of techniques, including lasers, chemical peels, and platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy.

Putting Breasts or Nipples in the Wrong Position

A breast augmentation isn’t as simple as stuffing a rag doll with new cotton. In addition to creating more volume, the position of the breasts on the chest and the position of the nipple must be considered careful. A plastic surgeon who doesn’t have an artist’s eye may create breasts that are either too high, too low, asymmetrical, or have the nipples in the wrong place.

Always spend time examining your surgeon’s Before and After photos for proportion and symmetry. Be sure to find a plastic surgeon who has both excellent surgical skills and a highly developed sense of aesthetics.

Overpromising and Under-Delivering

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Although a beautifully and expertly performed breast augmentation can bring you closer to the figure of your dreams, Dr. Garcia stresses that nobody’s body will ever be perfect. As part of your consultation, he discusses the realistic outcome that you should expect.

If you hope to look just like your favorite celebrity or are expecting that a breast augmentation will completely change your life, this might not be the best procedure for you. Dr. Garcia makes sure you understand the improvements you can expect with your procedure, as well as those you shouldn’t expect.

Not Preparing the Patient Properly

Dr. Garcia believes that educating his patients is part of his responsibility as an ethical surgeon. When you fully understand the benefits and risks of cosmetic plastic surgery and breast augmentation, you’ll be able to prepare yourself for the recovery period and the adjustment period, too. Even if you’ve dreamed of having fuller breasts for decades, having a figure that looks different than the body that you’re used to may cause a period of mourning. This is a normal part of adjusting to the new, improved “you.”

Breast Augmentation Bargain Shopping

Everyone loves to save money. But when you’re trusting your safety, health, and beauty to a plastic surgeon, paying for expertise saves you money (and possibly more) in the long run. The internet is filled with horror stories of patients who’ve gone overseas for “cheap” surgeries or hunted for bargains and ended up with an infection, burst implant, lumpy, or deflated breasts, or worse.

Choosing the right Vegas plastic surgeon is the most important part of a successful and beautiful outcome to your breast augmentation. Always look for a plastic surgeon who’s been board certified. Ideally, stay in the United States so you can get expert follow-up care, if needed. Which brings us to the last blunder…

Not Following Up

After choosing the best, most expert plastic surgeon possible for your breast augmentation, the second most important decision you can make is to be sure to keep your follow-up appointments. Even the highest quality breast implants can (rarely) rupture, leak, or move out of position. Depending on the type of implant you get, Dr. Garcia tells you what your follow-up schedule is so you can be sure that you get the ongoing care you need.

Not Following Instructions

During your consultation, before your surgery, and before you’re sent home, Dr. Garcia and his caring staff give you explicit instructions for your recovery and healing period.

It’s absolutely essential that have someone drive you home after your procedure. You cannot work or do household tasks for at least two weeks after your augmentation. You can speak to Dr. Garcia about nearby recovery centers that allow you to rest and heal in a soothing and comforting environment, without the worry of family or work obligations.

When you’re choosing the right Vegas plastic surgeon for breast augmentation, the best way to avoid a blunder is to consult with an expert. Contact Dr. Garcia by phone or online form to set up your first visit today.

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