why consider nose surgery in las vegas

An ideal nose is barely noticeable. If your nose seems to overpower your face because it’s large or oddly shaped, then you might benefit from rhinoplasty, otherwise known as a nose job.

Each rhinoplastic surgery is individualized for your particular needs. The goal is to create a nose that fits your face so perfectly that it seems like the nose you “should have” been born with. A well-shaped nose lets your more expressive features — your beautiful eyes and lips — shine through.

An expert rhinoplastic surgeon has highly developed aesthetic sensibilities as well as great surgical skill. Your new nose must harmonize with your facial features, be well shaped, function perfectly, respect your ethnic heritage, and look completely natural.

Julio Garcia, MD, is a Las Vegas plastic surgeon who bring’s an artist’s eye to every rhinoplasty he performs. Before entering medical school, he studied art and achieved a bachelor’s degree in Art History. The improvements he makes during your rhinoplasty are balanced and flattering. Some common nose-shape concerns he addresses include:

Hooked, humped, or bumpy nose. If your nose has one or more humps, they can be removed either by sanding them down or by breaking the nasal bone and cartilage and reshaping them. The exact procedures Dr. Garcia performs depends on your individual nose’s anatomy. Your new nose will be sleek, straight, and bump free.

Collapsed or low bridge. Sometimes the bridge of your nose — the part between the eyes — is not much higher than the rest of your facial plane. Your plastic surgeon can build up the bridge of your nose by taking a bone graft from another part of your body, such as a rib. Your new nose will have more definition from both the front view and in profile.

Bulbous tip. A large, ball-like tip may be caused by thick skin, excess cartilage, or a combination of both. Dr. Garcia removes excess cartilage, thins out the skin, and reshapes the tip of your nose. Your new nose has a smaller, less obtrusive, and more attractively shaped tip.

Bent nose. If your nose veers off to one side, Dr. Garcia breaks and resets the bone and cartilage, and removes excess bone or cartilage, if necessary. Your new nose follows the midline of your face for a more harmonious look.

Long nose or droopy nose. The length of your nose can be determined your nasal bone and cartilage as well as the flesh at the tip of your nose. Depending on your needs, Dr. Garcia removes excess bone, cartilage, and skin, then reshapes your tip to sit higher on your face. Your new nose is shorter, better formed, allows a better view of your lips, and is in more balanced with your face.

Short nose. Sometimes your nose is too short for your face or — due to a congenital condition — you may not have a nasal bridge at all. Using cartilage and bone grafts from your ribs and ears, Dr. Garcia builds up your nasal bone and bridge and creates a more striking nose. Your new nose will give you a more defined profile and more flattering contours in the frontal view.

Wide nose. Some noses are so wide that they seem to take over the entire face. No matter how wide your nose is, Dr. Garcia can reshape it so that it fits more harmoniously with your other features. You may require bone reshaping, removal of excess skin or cartilage, and nostril refinement. Your new nose will take up less room on your face, allowing your other features to become more noticeable.

Skinny nose. Just as Dr. Garcia can build a new bridge from a bone or cartilage graft, if your nose is too thin, he can widen it. Your new nose will have more shape and better contours.

Large nostrils. If your nostrils are overly flared or large, Dr. Garcia can reshape and narrow them. Your new nose’s nostrils will be closer to the body of your nose, and nicely shaped but not distracting.

Upturned nose. Whether you were born with a turned-up nose or have an upturned nose due to over-rotation from a prior rhinoplasty, Dr. Garcia can lower the tip of your nose for a more flattering look. Your new nose will be straighter and your nostrils will not be as visible.

Rhinoplasty Is a Major Change

Rhinoplasty is an extremely difficult surgery that takes great skill. Your nose is a complex, 3-dimensional structure that sits squarely in the middle of your face. Changes of just a few millimeters to your bridge, septum, tip, or nostrils can dramatically alter the way your face looks.

So, why consider nose surgery in las vegas? The changes you can expect after expertly performed rhinoplasty are not just physical. If you’ve suffered from low self-esteem owing to the shape or your nose, you may get a confidence boost, too. It’s a phenomenon that’s well known to expert plastic surgeons, who can see the difference that an aesthetic improvement makes in their patients’ lives. In addition, a 2013 study from European researchers, demonstrated that a majority of men and women who underwent plastic reported increased life satisfaction, self esteem, and well-being.

However, you need to be prepared for the change. Depending on how dramatic an improvement you want, after your surgery you may not feel that you look like yourself. Even though you are more attractive, and are closer to the ideal you were aiming for, you may go through a period when you miss your old nose. This may be compounded by friends or relatives who don’t want you to change.

A Surgeon Is an Educator, Too

When you consult with Dr. Garcia, he helps you prepare for the physical and psychological changes of a nose job. Recovering from a nose job is a prolonged process that may take up to a year, owing to the amount of trauma your nose undergoes and the variety of tissues and structures involved. It’s important that you understand the stages of healing that your nose goes through so that you are comfortable as your new nose starts to take shape.

During your first consultation with Dr. Garcia, you should bring photos of your ideal nose and also photos of outcomes that you don’t want. You discuss in depth the hopes you have for your rhinoplasty surgery and he helps you understand the kinds of improvements you can realistically expect. Dr. Garcia also creates digital images of the nose he plans for you, so that you can get a sense of your expected outcome.

Prepare for Your Rhinoplasty

A nose job is major surgery. Be sure you have all of the pieces in place before you undergo rhinoplasty. In addition to being psychologically prepared and in good health, you should be able to take off time from work and arrange for help in your first postoperative days.

If you’re ready to learn how reshaping your nose can reshape your life, contact Dr. Garcia. He’s happy to conduct rhinoplasty consultations in person or over the phone or Skype.

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