Yesterday I wrote about an app where children can look at liposuction as a possibility for them, not a good idea in my opinion. Today, I present another app to drive the already neurotic into a tizzy. An app that allows you to morph your face to see what plastic surgery could do for you. Although in general I feel that being able to communicate your desires to your plastic surgeon is a necessity in order to agree on what is possible, on giving the surgeon a glimpse of what you feel you want altered is helpful, I think that computer generated morphing can also lead to unrealistic expectations and emotional disappointment with your appearance. What can be achieved with CGI cannot be achieved in real life and that sets up the patients and the surgeon for the higher potential of a dissatisfied patient. I prefer the patients bring in pictures form magazines of people that  think look the way they want along with pictures of people that they do not like the appearance so I can understand their sense of what is desirable.I strongly urge against it but if you want to see it, the info is on the link below.

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