There have been a rash of recent reports in the news about people getting cosmetic surgery for their toes. I will say that for many years, podiatrists have been performing surgery for afflictions of the toes, such things as hammer toes or when toes over ride one another. These have been done to correct pain and inability to walk properly. In those cases I stand firmly behind the doctor’s and the patient’s decision. But now come the reports of cosmetic surgery being performed in order to have more “attractive toes” in sandals and flip flops. Please folks, lets think about this for one second. Although the infatuation for plastic surgery has become almost overwhelming when we are bombarded by it on numerous TV shows and in magazines, one has to think a bit her. Most of the time when a toe is too wide, no called “toe-besity”, it is the underlying bone that is wide and not an abnormal accumulation of fat. In order to change that, the bone has to be broken and reduced, but there are tendons and nerves in the area that one needs to consider, along with the properly ability to balance on ones toes when walking normally. The potential surgical risks are that the deformity will recur, the bone might not heal properly and result in a fracture and that there can be infections. The toes are not very resistant to infections and if it were to spread to your foot, there could possibly be catastrophic problems.Just like there are bathing suit models , there exist hand and feet models. As  board certified plastic surgeon I can tell you that not all of us can have the figure or face we want with cosmetic surgery, and the same applies for feet and hands. Please think long and hard about your desires and inform yourself of all of the potential risks.  This is an area of cosmetic surgery where serious problems can occur, so please get an informed opinion from at least two surgeons.

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