I hear almost daily about improving skin tone, and although it sounds like a wonderful idea, few people, including doctors can really agree on what skin tone means. It would seem that it would appear to be relative to skin coloring, but retailers and marketing people use it in conjunction with tightening, like in the realm of muscle. Muscles do have tone or not and if they are not toned, they are flabby and loose. The take home lesson today is tight muscles do not make for tight skin. It is actually counterproductive. The more muscles move on the face, the worse the wrinkles get, just think of the neurotoxins like Botox, Dysport and others and understand they reduce the wrinkles by weakening the muscles. As to Yoga for the muscle, it is awesome and I highly recommend it, but not yoga for the face. Below is another in the increasing line of absurd articles about how to beat facial aging. I am posting it so you can read it and enjoy the ridiculous video. In short, there is no exercise that tightens facial skin, or skin anywhere else for that matter.

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