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Watching TV shows and reading articles about celebrities or ordinary people who’ve undergone poorly performed plastic surgeries may be entertaining, but the pain that brings those desperate patients to a more expert surgeon is real. Every top-notch plastic surgeon experiences a steady stream of patients who were disfigured by an unqualified plastic surgeon or by a cosmetic procedure performed by undertrained personnel.

Bargains” Can Be Costly

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To minimize your risk of being “botched,” you as the buyer must truly beware. Only work with a plastic surgeon who’s been board-certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

Some dentists, OB/GYNs, and other doctors falsely believe that their experience as medical professionals and their speciality’s board-certification gives them the qualifications they need to perform surgeries such as liquid face lifts, breast surgeries, and tummy tucks at bargain prices. However, they don’t have the training, knowledge or skill to avoid common — and uncommon — errors and achieve consistently beautiful, flattering, and safe results.

Med spas, aesthetic centers, and beauty centers that allow personnel with no medical training at all to administer injectable therapies raise your risk for nerve damage and other serious consequences. The increased competition has led many unscrupulous practices to lower their prices and offer coupons in the hopes of building up more business. But, as the saying goes, you get what you pay for. Or in the case of untrained practitioners, you don’t get what you pay for, at all. And repairing the damage is costly.

Training and Expertise Protect Your Health and Beauty

Julio Garcia, MD, is double-board certified as a plastic surgeon Las Vegas by both the American Board of Plastic Surgery and the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. He is also a member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery and the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. Dr. Garcia has more than 30 years’ experience as a plastic surgeon, and has earned an excellent rating on consumer sites, such as RealSelf.

In addition to his knowledge, experience, and skill as a plastic surgeon, Dr. Garcia also trained as an artist, and earned his undergrad degree in Art History. He brings his artist’s eye, sense of proportion, and feeling for harmony and balance to every procedure he performs.

He is also skilled in the differences between male and female facial anatomy, and is careful to respect your gender choice. He has deep understanding about the anatomical differences that exist among various ethnicities which affect both decisions about the surgical approach and the ultimate outcome.

Here Dr. Garcia shares some of the consequences of poorly performed aesthetic procedures that he’s come across in his three decades of practice:

Pig Nose, or No Nose

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Rhinoplasty remains one of the three top plastic surgeries performed in the U.S., as reported by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Rhinoplasty is considered to be the most difficult facial plastic surgery to perform, due to the nose’s complex structure and its prominence on the face.

One of the most common mistakes in rhinoplasty is creating an over-rotated nose tip, resulting in a nose with pig-like, upturned nostrils. Because the nose droops as it heals, over-rotating the tip is essential to an ultimate beautiful outcome. However, an inexpert surgeon overcompensates by lifting the tip too high, so that it can’t lower to a more aesthetically pleasing position.

Another common rhinoplasty disaster is removing too much nasal bone or cartilage, leading to collapse of the nasal bridge. This distressing outcome is particularly common in patients of Asian or African descent, if their surgeon doesn’t understand the differences in bone and cartilage structure among ethnicities. When performing rhinoplasties on Asian or African patients, Dr. Garcia frequently takes a bone graft from another area of the body to lend greater support to the nasal bridge for a long-lasting and beautiful result.

Dr. Garcia is also an expert in revision rhinoplasty, which rectifies other surgeons’ errors. Revision rhinoplasty requires even more experience and skill than initial rhinoplasty does.

Granulomas and Infections

Granulomas are hard and pebble-like structures that develop in your skin or organs. Granulomas are a natural part of healing, and arise when your body “walls off” a foreign invader or substance to keep it from traveling and affecting other areas. However, an inexpert injector can cause granulomas to form around dermal fillers that are injected into your:

  • Tear troughs
  • Lips
  • Wrinkles
  • Cheeks
  • Chin
  • Nose

As “liquid facelifts” become more popular and inexpert “aestheticians” administer injectable therapies, your risk for granulomas increases. Dr. Garcia removes granulomas surgically, restoring your skin and lips.

A new trend with disastrous results is injecting silicone directly into the skin, as if it were a dermal filler. In extreme cases, unscrupulous injectors inject large quantities of silicone for augmentations in the face and body instead of surgically placing medical-grade silicone implants. The FDA declared this unapproved practice “extremely dangerous.” Silicone and other unapproved substances can cause granulomas and infections when injected into the skin.

Lumpy Liposuction

liposuction surgery

The first body-contouring technique, surgical liposuction, can reshape your figure to its ideal form by sculpting away fatty pockets from your trunk, legs, arms, and under-chin area. Today’s liposuction is far more advanced than the original procedure, allowing the surgeon to remove unwanted fat more easily. The cannulas (metal straws) used to suction away the fat are also much smaller than they were in the past, which permits greater detailing and finer results.

However, in inexpert hands, even the most advanced liposuction tools and techniques create unsatisfactory results. Some of the most frequent errors are leaving ridges or lumps in the treated area. Unfortunately, poor technique also creates scarring that can be difficult to resolve. If you have un-uniform, unsatisfactory liposuction results, Dr. Garcia may be able to improve them with another liposuction or other treatments.

Capsular Contracture

Many things can go wrong in breast augmentation, but one of the most dangerous is a capsular contracture. When tight, firm scar tissue forms around the breast implant, the result is extreme discomfort and even nerve impingement that may affect mobility in one or more arms.

All plastic surgery is inherently risky. Dr. Garcia discusses both your ideal outcome and the possible things that could go wrong — including capsular contracture — so that you can make an informed decision. He also steers you in directions that benefit your health, such as advising against unnecessary surgery, recommending a size and shape breast implant that’s most flattering to your unique figure.

Face-swept Instead of a Facelift

Fading Hollywood stars are the best advertisement for why you need a surgeon who knows when to say “No.” While you may want extremely tight skin after your facelift, Dr. Garcia knows that such a look is not only unflattering, but is both aging and also a telltale sign that you’ve had surgery.

He performs his facelifts by lifting the underlying tissues as well as the skin in two different directions to create a natural and youthful looking position. Lifting in one direction or lifting skin only results in an overdone, windswept look.

He also recommends fat grafting in conjunction with a facelift. Adding volume to your mid-face restores youthful contours and fullness.

Why Listening Is Important

When you consult with Dr. Garcia, he asks you questions about your present dissatisfactions and your ideal goals. He informs you about what you can expect from the procedure, may make recommendations, and prepares you by discussing risks, recovery, and the steps you need to take both before and after your procedure.

He also listens carefully to what you say and how you answer his questions. If you consult with a plastic surgeon or aesthetician who doesn’t make you feel comfortable, confident, understood, and well-informed, move on. Quickly.

Other unwanted outcomes from inexpert practitioners include:

  • Eyelids that don’t close after blepharoplasty
  • Too masculine or feminine a look for your gender
  • Loss of ethnic identity
  • Expressionless face from too much Botox® or surgery
  • Chronic pain

Give your plastic surgery the best chance for spectacular results by choosing the best plastic surgeon in Las Vegas. Call us today or book a consultation online.

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