One of the latest trends seen in plastic surgery has been fat injections. Although we have been performing fat injections for many years, the reliability and permanence of the fat has always been in question. Small amounts work well as it is easier for the implanted fat cells to develop new blood supply and survive. Even in those instances one will lose 30-50% after 6 months. A recent uptick of enlarging women’s breasts using their own fat only has emerged. Some of the people pushing this are true plastic surgeons but many are not, performing these procedures under minimal to no supervision in spas and are making claims that are false and always state they have never seen complications. The fat is obtained through liposuction and then prepared, after which it is injected into the breast using cannulas. Although the techniques used now are better, I still do not think the degree of breast enhancement you get nor the longevity of it staying makes using your own fat for breast enlargement a viable and smart option at the present time. Below is  a recent article about it.

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