Las Vegas FaceliftAfter getting a facelift procedure, the next step in the process, along with getting plenty of rest, is to maintain your new look. Sometimes, that can be easier said than done. UV rays and the harsh summer sun in Las Vegas can do a lot of damage to your skin, especially as it heals. However, our experienced team has tips on how you can prolong your facelift results, all while fighting that summer sun.

An experienced plastic surgeon, Dr. Julio Garcia recommends you stick to his pre and post treatment instructions, which may include:

  • Protect against further sun damage by using at least SPF 30, daily.
  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle by avoiding smoking, and by hydrating and eating properly as well as getting plenty of exercise.
  • Enhance your results with injectables.
  • Refresh your look with aesthetician treatments or laser resurfacing.
  • Use professional skin care products recommended by our office.

By following these crucial guidelines, you can help prevent sun damage, fine lines, wrinkles, scarring and other skin imprecations. We understand that every patient is unique, and will require specific post treatment instructions to achieve the results you want. Our team is dedicated to creating personalized treatment plans that fit your needs.

If you have additional questions about your facelift procedure, we advise that you call our Las Vegas office at (702) 870-0058 to schedule a consultation to discuss your specific treatment options. We are proud to care for patients in the Henderson, Paradise and surrounding Nevada areas.

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