choosing the best plastic surgeon in las vegas

Do your ears hang low? Or high? Or at different levels? Or maybe you were called “Dumbo” or “Yoda” as a kid because your ears protrude too far from the side of your head.

Ideally, ears are meant to hear, not really be seen. A well-shaped ear is barely noticeable.

A poorly shaped ear, in contrast, attracts attention and derision, making you feel embarrassed and ashamed. Large ears can even throw off the balance of your face and detract from your other, more expressive and attractive features.

Celebrities Have Ear Problems, Too

choosing the best plastic surgeon in las vegas

If you have overly large, protruding, or malformed ears, you have plenty of company.

Comedian Stephen Colbert had a tumor removed from his right ear as a child, which resulted in a deformity and deafness in that ear. Barack Obama has famously large ears, as do Channing Tatum, Prince Charles, Kate Hudson, Jennifer Garner, and Will Smith.

Other celebrities, like old-time movie star Clark Gable and TV darling Neil Patrick Harris decided to trade in their flappers for something less noticeable by undergoing a plastic surgery procedure known as otoplasty. Otoplasty, or ear surgery, can be used to correct ears that are :

  • Too long
  • Too wide
  • Protruding
  • Asymmetric
  • Poorly shaped
  • Deformed
  • Damaged

If you had previous otoplasty that you’re not satisfied with, a top Las Vegas plastic surgeon such as Dr. Julio Garcia can perform a revision otoplasty, too.

Otoplasty: From 5 to 105

Children who are born with deformed or overly large ears can avoid years of teasing and ostracization through otoplasty. As long as your child’s cartilage has stabilized, he or she could be a candidate for ear surgery.

Even if your ears were not noticeable in your youth, you may have noticed that your ears seem larger now than they did when you were younger. You may think your ears are growing, but they’re not.

Your ears age, just as the rest of your skin and other tissues do. The cartilage and skin begin to break down and sag, creating a longer look. As you face loses fat, collagen, muscle, and bone, it also appears smaller in proportion to your ears.

Women are more likely to need otoplasty than men simply because the weight of wearing earrings can stretch or even tear their lobes. Sometimes lobes that have lost volume due to age can be repaired with hyaluronic-acid based fillers, but stretched lobes and torn lobes need repair with stitches or, if the lobes have severely stretched, ear surgery.

Balancing Your Face With Otoplasty

choosing the best plastic surgeon in las vegas

If you’ve decided that otoplasty will help you or your child have a more balanced and harmonious face, Dr. Garcia conducts a physical examination and discusses what you’d like to change about your ears. You can bring in photographs of ears you like to see if it’s possible to reach your ideal or something close to it.

Dr. Garcia carefully considers the placement of all of the features of your face when planning your otoplasty. Before he became an expert surgeon, Dr. Garcia trained as an artist and even earned his undergraduate degree in art history. His highly developed sense of aesthetics helps him choose the ear shape, size, and position that will most flatter your unique looks.

He also prepares you for surgery by discussing in depth the steps that he will take to improve the look and shape of your ears. He gives you detailed pre-surgery and post-surgery care instructions. If you’re a smoker, you’ll need to stop smoking for at least two weeks before your surgery and two week after as well. 

During your consultation, you also discuss your preferred type of anesthesia. Most adults can choose to undergo local anesthesia that induces a twilight sleep. Children usually require general anesthesia at the hospital.

A Few Weeks to More Perfect Ears

Depending on your needs, Dr. Garcia may cut away extra cartilage on your ears, or simply fold it over. Stitches are usually hidden at the back of the ear. When your scars heal, they should be nearly invisible.

After your operation, you’ll need someone to drive you home. Your child may be more comfortable spending the night at the hospital.

You need to wear a headband night and day for two weeks, and then at night only for another two weeks. You can control any pain and discomfort with over-the-counter pain medication. Dr. Garcia removes your stitches after one week.

You can return to most normal activities within a month. If your child plays contact sports, he or she should refrain from doing so until at least six weeks after the operation. Dr. Garcia lets you know when your child is healed enough to return to sports.

Once your headband has been removed, you may still have some swelling. But already you’ll see a beautiful improvement in the shape, size, and position of your ears.

Ensuring an aesthetic outcome for otoplasty starts with choosing the best plastic surgeon in Las Vegas. Contact Dr. Garcia for an ear surgery consultation by phone or email form.

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