breast augmentation Las Vegas

Whether your breasts have “dropped” owing to pregnancy, nursing, and/or age, or whether you have always been dissatisfied with their size or shape, cosmetic plastic surgery can help you achieve the beautiful, proportionate and feminine figure you desire. A consultation with Dr. Julio Garcia – a Las Vegas plastic surgeon based in Henderson, NV – will allow you to learn about your many options – from breast lift to breast augmentation – and to discover together what shape and size breasts will be most flattering and harmonious to your natural body type.

An Artist's Eye

breast augmentation Las Vegas

When considering cosmetic breast surgery, first and foremost is to find a doctor who not only is a skilled surgeon, but who has a highly developed sense of aesthetics and views the body as a work of art that can be contoured and shaped to enhance its natural and unique beauty. In addition to being a highly skilled and experienced plastic surgeon who has performed successful breast lifts and augmentations for more than 30 years, Dr. Garcia has been trained as an artist and holds a degree in Art History as well as medicine. He brings his sense of aesthetics to every stage of the breast enhancement process – from consultation, to determining ultimate breast size and shape, to the actual surgery and recovery process.

More than anything, Dr. Garcia is committed to learning about your needs and expectations through active listening and communication – which begins at your very first meeting with him.

Which Procedure to Choose?

One of the stresses of our modern age is the number of choices that are available to us. Once upon a time, there were only a few choices for breast implants, for instance. But breast surgery has evolved over the last decades. Now you can choose between silicone implants and saline implants, round ones, teardrops, small, medium or large. Or, you can opt for a breast lift alone.

But it's not necessary to decide which procedure or type of implant you will need all on your own. During your consultation, Dr. Garcia will take precise measurements of your body, discuss with you all of your options, and only make the recommendations he believes will result in the most natural-looking and harmonious breasts for your unique shape.

Breast Lift

breast augmentation Las Vegas

Aging and motherhood are wonderful and enriching life processes, but both can wreak havoc on delicate breast tissue. A breast lift, also called a mastopexy, can correct for:

  • Loss of breast volume
  • Sagging breasts
  • Asymmetrical breasts.

During a breastlift, Dr. Garcia will relocate the aureola to a higher position and reshape the breast by trimming excess skin. If the underlying muscles are loose or sagging, Dr. Garcia will tighten these as well. The breast skin is then re-draped and sutured from the areola to the breast crease. The procedure takes from 1.5 to 3.5 hours.

A breast lift will restore your breasts to a higher and more youthful position (where they are placed on your chest) and projection (how far they project outward from your chest). A breast lift with Dr. Garcia can be so rejuvenating that many women who thought they wanted a breast augmentation as well will opt not to do the second procedure. Dr. Garcia always asks his breast lift patients to wait at least six months before considering breast augmentation, as he knows most of them will be thrilled with the rejuvenating and cosmetic results of a breast lift alone.

Breast Augmentation

breast augmentation may be the best solution for you if:

  • You'd like larger breasts with a more definite projection
  • Your breasts have lost significant volume due to aging and/or motherhood
  • Your breasts don't look harmonious with your body
  • You'd prefer a rounder or fuller shape

If you've had a breast lift, Dr. Garcia will recommend that you wait at least six months before considering a breast augmentation. When you are ready to proceed to larger and fuller breasts, he will help you choose between the types of implants:

Silicone Implants. Filled with silicone gel, these types of implants tend to feel more like natural breast tissue, particularly when placed above the breast muscle, directly under the skin.

Saline Implants. Saline implants are filled with salt water. They offer the advantage of greater variety of positions for placement. They also can be filled after placement, which allows for greater precision of shaping and volume.

In addition to helping you choose the type of implant, Dr. Garcia will evaluate your figure and recommend an ideal shape for you:

Round Implants. Round implants look like half spheres. They create the greatest lift and fullness, and provide deep cleavage. They come in an assortment of projections, from low to high.

Teardrop Implants. Teardrop implants have a more natural, sloping shape. Their textured surface can keep the implant from rotating.

Small, Medium or Large Implants. We've all seen photos of celebrities whose breast implants look unnaturally large or ball-shaped. By helping you choose the right size and shaped implant for your body type, Dr. Garcia can ensure that your new breasts will be flattering and full, while still being in harmony with your figure. However, the choice of size and shape of the implants during your breast augmentation Las Vegas will ultimately be yours.

Breast Reduction Surgery

breast augmentation Las Vegas

While it may seem ironic to some women, there are many cases in which the breasts actually must be reduced to achieve the perfect size. Women may choose breast reduction surgery for many reasons, including:

  • Their breasts look disproportionately large for their bodies
  • They have experienced rude remarks and harassment that causes them distress
  • Their breasts are so heavy they create back, neck and/or shoulder pain
  • Their physical activities are limited by their large breast size
  • Their bra straps cut into their shoulders
  • They experience skin irritation in the breast folds

A breast reduction surgery has many similarities to a breast lift: The aureola will be repositioned, the skin redraped, and excess skin trimmed. In breast reduction surgery, excess breast tissue will also be removed.

Aesthetics and Your Body

While the ultimate choice of breast size, placement and shape is up to you, by working with Dr. Garcia you can be assured that the recommendations he makes will harmonize with your hip size, body shape, and desires. More important than having breasts that fit an unrealistic ideal is to find the absolute perfect breast size and shape that will make you feel confident about your breasts and figure for years to come.


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