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If you knew that just one habit was responsible for your gaining a whole pound every year — in other words five pounds every five years and a whopping 10 pounds each decade — wouldn’t you do everything you could to try to come up with a solution? Well, research from the National Institutes of Health shows that holiday binging puts on at least one pound a year … and it’s not going away on its own.

While one pound might not sound like a lot, when you do the math it sure adds up quickly. In fact, that last five pounds of muffin top you’ve been battling the last five years could have started with a few innocent Christmas cookies.

But forewarned is forearmed. Start thinking now about how you’re going to indulge in the holidays without losing control, and you could buck the trend by either keeping off that pound, or even losing a few.

Dr. Julio Garcia, an expert Las Vegas plastic surgeon knows a thing or two about creating perfect figures, and shares a few tips here:

Make Your New Year’s Resolution Today

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Why wait to lose weight? You can prevent your yearly weight gain by making your resolution for a better New Year … starting today. As an expert, double-board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Garcia knows that prevention is always the best form of medicine.

Make Moving Fun

If you don’t already have a regular exercise routine that you enjoy, it’s time to start exploring! Sign up for the gym as an early holiday gift. Join a hiking Meet-Up group in your areas. Start those dance lessons you’ve been dreaming about. Find a gym buddy so you can hold each other accountable for regular workouts. Or pick family activities that get everyone moving.

Don’t yet know what you like? Make a “resolution” to try a new form of exercise every week using gym passes and free-class specials. Some ideas for exercise that’s fun include:

Rebounding — otherwise known as mini tramoplines! Find them at a gym or order one for household use. It’s safer for your joints than running, and helps get your lymph fluids flowing.

Burst intensity workouts — Get bored easily? There’s a workout for that! Research shows that intense bursts of activity for 30 seconds followed by a brief resting period in cycles for four minutes is actually as good or better than long bouts on the stationary bikes or running tracks.

LARPING — Never heard of it? Well, you did it as a kid. LARPING stands for Live Acting Role Playing. Remember chasing bad guys and gals in your Batman or Super Girl cape? Get back into the (Tarzan) swing of things and into the shape of your life by finding a LARPING group in your area.

Be kid friendly — All those other games you played as a kid burned calories and built strong bones and muscles, too. Either with friends or with your family, get back into field lot baseball, playing tag, capturing the flag, or even hitting the local playground.

Change your meeting habits — Do you and your friends really need another latte? Consider meeting for stroll through the woods, a hike in the mountains, or playing a game of catch or frisbee in the park. If it’s a brainstorming meeting, exercise fires up your neurons as well as your muscles. Bring something to catch all of the extra ideas you generate.

Fire the maid — Sure, assigning household tasks to someone else frees up your time but if you’re using that time to binge on TV with a bowl of chips, you might try vacuuming the stairs yourself.

Aim for the Olympics or World Cup — Think you’re too old for a gold medal? Guaranteed there’s someone older than you in your Olympic- or league-type sport of choice. Try figure skating, hockey, fencing, gymnastics, biking competitively, or playing on a local adult softball or soccer team.

Go Wild for Colors

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Start experimenting with richly colored vegetables such as raddichio, golden and red beets, and deep greens like kale and arugula. Read recipe books from Mediterranean and Asian cuisines that emphasize veggies to find out how to incorporate them into your family’s diet and simply and deliciously.

For instance, did you know that Northern Italians put arugula on their pizza? Enlist family members in finding the most scrumptious and novel ways to bring more vegetables and fruits into family breakfasts, lunches, and dinners.

And when you’re at a holiday party, go for those bright, nourishing colors first. That means hit the veggie platter before the dessert tray (even if they’re brightly colored cupcakes — that doesn’t count!). And hold off on the alcohol — it lowers your resistance to all things caloric.

Ditch the Diet

Restricting calories is a sure way to end up with unwanted weight gain. Instead of using the latest fad diet to melt off the pounds and then gain them back later when you stop dieting, find a nourishing eating plan that you can stick to for life. Choose from low-carb/high-fat, high-veggie, anti-inflammatory options. Not sure? Experiment with a few of them, or talk to your doctor about enrolling in a medically supervised weight-loss program that emphasizes healthy, whole foods.


A holiday party isn’t a “free meal.” However, you can treat it like a free dessert. Eat a nourishing lunch or dinner beforehand so you don’t fill up on empty calories like chips and sweets. Allow yourself a little indulgence … but just a little.

Some Fat Just Won’t Budge

Even if you’ve planned ahead and kept that statistically probable holiday pound off your hips or abdomen, you might still have areas that aren’t responding to diet or exercise. When you have genetically related deposits of stubborn fat on your abdomen, hips, flanks, arms, or legs, sometimes the best solution is to remove the extra fat cells so your figure becomes more proportionate.

Gift Yourself Today


Planning ahead for the holidays not only keeps off the extra holiday pounds, but can re-shape your figure altogether. If you’re hoping to hit the holiday parties in the hottest little black dress anyone’s seen, or show up to the gym on New Year’s Day with a six-pack abs already in place, choosing the best plastic surgeon in las vegas is the best pre-holiday gift you can give yourself.

During your consultation with Dr. Garcia, you discuss how much of your unwanted fat can be removed through diet and exercise, and how much is genetically stubborn fat that’s best eliminated through a body-contouring procedure. Depending on your needs, you may benefit from liposuction, ultrasounded-assisted lipoplasty, or a tummy tuck. Men with gynecomastia can even permanently eliminate “man boobs” to feel more comfortable in clothes or out for 2019.

Preplan the ideal figure you want for the holidays by setting up a consultation with Dr. Garcia. With one call, you can find out how choosing the best plastic surgeon in las vegas can become part of your New Year’s resolution to indulge happily and thoughtfully this holiday season while still maintaining the figure of your dreams.

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