looking for breast reduction in las vegas

Most girls eagerly look forward to the day when they begin to grow breasts. It marks a wonderful transition from girlhood to young womanhood. Wearing a bra for the first time can make her feel grown up and empowered.

But, for some girls and women, her beautiful breasts can become a source of embarrassment, shame, and even pain. When breasts are extremely large, bullies might tease and taunt young Tweens and teens. A very shapely figure can attract unwanted advances and rude remarks. And heavy breasts may cause backaches, shoulder aches, and other physical ailments.

Why Might I Want Breast Reduction Surgery?

looking for breast reduction in las vegas

If you have large breasts, you may be wondering if you would benefit from breast-reduction surgery, otherwise known as mammaplasty . Following are some of the most common reasons why women are looking for breast reduction in Las Vegas:

Your breast size affects your posture. Heavy breasts can make it difficult to maintain a healthy posture. Slouching and other posture problems compress the spine and vital organs, which may make it more difficult to breathe and cause other adverse events, such as back pain.

You can’t see your own feet. Aside from the annoyance of not being able to keep track of the state of your pedicure, if you can’t see your own feet, it’s more difficult to take proper care of them. You should be able to visually examine your feet daily to ensure that your skin and nails are healthy.

Your shoulders, back or neck ache at the end of the day. The weight of breasts that are too large for your frame may put so much pressure on your spine that your back, neck or shoulders ache. Removing excess breast tissue should increase your comfort level and alleviate your aches and pains.

Your bra straps abrade your shoulder skin. You may need breast-reduction surgery if your breasts are so heavy that they cause your bra straps to dig into or abrade your shoulder skin. Some women who decide to undergo mammoplasty actually have indents in their shoulder skin from the pressure of bra straps.

Your breasts limit your activity. If you find yourself withdrawing from certain sports or other physical activities because your breasts interfere with your movements, you may benefit from breast reduction. Some examples include women who refrain from running, golfing, archery, and other sports where large breasts may block or complicate arm and body movements.

It’s difficult to find flattering clothing. Clothing that accommodates the size of your breasts might be too large for the rest of your frame. Clothing that flatters most of your figure may not fit your chest. Many women with large breasts also have trouble finding a well-fitting bra or sports bra.

Your breasts become sweaty. Large breasts usually droop, creating significant creases underneath the breasts that may become sweaty when you are exerting yourself physically and when you are under emotional stress. Sweat can also accumulate in the cleavage area. If you need to use deodorant to control sweaty breasts, you may wish to consult with a Las Vegas plastic surgeon for breast-reduction surgery.

You have irritation or a rash underneath the breast crease. Excess sweat underneath the breasts can also lead to irritation and rashes that may be difficult to control. Untreated, persistent heat rash may lead to bacterial infections and the development of inflamed pustules.

You feel self-conscious about the way you look. If your breasts are out of proportion to the rest of your frame, you may feel unhappy or even embarrassed about the way you look. Long-term emotional distress can affect your physical well-being, too. Breast-reduction surgery can create a breast size that harmonizes with your body type for a womanly and shapely figure that doesn’t draw undue attention to your chest.

The Benefits of Reduced Breast Size

Mammoplasty removes excess breast tissue so that your breasts are in better proportion to your figure and cause less strain on your spine. Results you can expect include:

  • Fewer aches and pains in your shoulders and back
  • An increase in body mobility
  • Diminished sweat and skin irritation
  • A more beautifully proportioned figure
  • Better self image
  • More confidence

The Beauty of Newly Sculpted Breasts

looking for breast reduction in las vegas

When it comes to your figure, proportion is everything. That’s why it’s important to find the right expert plastic surgeon for your breast reduction surgery. Julio Garcia, MD, is a Las Vegas plastic surgeon who also understands the importance of aesthetics. In addition to his medical education, he received a degree in Art History, which means he brings an artist’s eye to every surgical procedure he performs.

If you decide on mammoplasty, Dr. Garcia will take careful measurements of your body — including weight and height — to make recommendations for a newly sculpted breast size that is in perfect proportion to your unique frame. You can feel free to bring photographs of women whose shape you admire to your consultation. If you are bothered by the size of your areola, Dr. Garcia can make recommendations to decrease them to be more aesthetically pleasing.

During your consultation, you will have time to ask questions about the procedure itself and to discuss in detail the kinds of results you can expect, plus the physical and psychological benefits that breast reduction may bring.

Preparing for Your Breast Reduction Surgery

Mammoplasty is a major surgical procedure that requires a recovery period of about a month. You should make preparations beforehand to arrange for friends, families and hired workers to alleviate you of any responsibilities other than healing for the first one or two crucial weeks.

The help you will need for the first week or two after your surgery includes:

  • Someone to drive you home from the hospital.
  • Someone to prepare and clean up after your meals.
  • At least one to two weeks off from school or work.
  • Someone to relieve you of any household, childcare, or pet-care tasks
  • Someone to stay with you the first couple of days.

You should be able to return to most normal activities about a month after your surgery.

If you think you are ready for breast-reduction surgery in Las Vegas, or want to discuss its possible benefits, cosmetic surgeon Dr. Garcia is happy to meet for a consultation.


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