for the past days, TV celebrity Julie Chen as been making quite a splash after she admitted she had surgery years ago while working in one of her first TV positions. She claims she was told that she looked tired and would never move up the ladder in her desired anchorwoman job. So, Ms. Chen decided to have some cosmetic eye surgery to alleviate her tired sleepy look. I will be the first to admit that oriental eyes are certainly different and they lack the fold in the upper lid, and what she had performed can be seen in some Asian eyes, but mostly those of mixed heritage.Her eye surgery has certainly allowed her to move up in the TV celebrity universe, and I think if it is something she wanted, that is fine, it’s here private decision and people should not condemn her for having the surgery done. It is  a challenging world, first impressions are only seen once and can impact one’s job, that is the reality of the world now. She is  a beautiful woman and I wish her continued success and hope this all blows over for her, yet I have only one question for her. I am not sure if her present photos are PhotoShopped, and I am not saying she has had one done as I have not examined her but Julie, when were you going to tell us about what looks like a nose surgery? I don’t think that made you look tired?!

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