Ryan Gossling

There are many people that want to improve their appearance. When a patient comes to see me in consultation, and they are looking to make their facial structure look different, I commonly will ask them to see pictures of people they believe are what they are seeking. I never tell them they will look like that person, but if I can see what they are searching for, I can then advise them on how close we can approach their desired face.There are some patients that will show me  a picture of someone’s jaw line, their nose or their cheeks and it might be a conglomeration of different faces. In some cases, like the one below, many of the desired attributes are found in  a single face. Although the article claims the patient wanted to look like Ryan Gosling, he hopefully meant he wanted to have some of his features. I think the young man does look more enhanced in a positive way, but I do not think he looks like Ryan. Ultimately, the patient is happy and after all, that is what we as plastic surgeons are hoping to achieve.You be the judge.

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