where to find the best las vegas breast augmentation

You’ve waited long enough. You’ve wanted breast implants for years — maybe decades — but something always stopped you. Maybe you decided to wait until you’re done having babies and didn’t have to worry about breastfeeding anymore. Or you needed to save up the money. You may even have felt self-conscious about undergoing major cosmetic surgery “merely” to make yourself look better and feel better.

Whatever the reasons that stopped you from seeking breast augmentation when you were younger, you’re over 40 now, you’re sure that this is something you want, and you have the means to obtain it. Still, you wonder if it’s even possible to get breast implants at your age. Or safe.

Julio Garcia, MD, a Las Vegas plastic surgeon, understands the special concerns that women over 40 have when considering breast augmentation. He has helped thousands of women finally attain the beautiful, feminine figure they’d always desired through breast lifts and implants. In the hands of an experienced surgeon, breast implants are safe and flattering at any age.

Lift Yourself Up

where to find the best las vegas breast augmentation

If your breasts are sagging or flat — whether owing to the forces of aging, pregnancy and breastfeeding, or simply due to genetics — Dr. Garcia always recommends a breast lift (aka mastopexy) six months before your breast augmentation. Why? Because Dr. Garcia’s breast lifts are so flattering and rejuvenating that you may decide it’s the only procedure you need.

While it may seem counterintuitive for a plastic surgeon to recommend less surgery rather than more, Dr. Garcia’s training as an artist dictates that he only performs procedures that make his patients look beautiful and proportionate. He understands that, while you may think you need bigger breasts, your natural breast size may already be perfect for your body type. By lifting your breasts and breast muscles to a higher projection, removing excess skin, and changing the position of your nipples, your breasts will look fuller, rounder, and perkier.

If you do decide to move on to a breast augmentation with breast implants, Dr. Garcia helps you choose from the various sizes and types

Implants and Mammograms

Women over 40 are advised to undergo regular mammograms to check for breast cancer. Therefore, you may be concerned that your breast implant could interfere with an accurate reading. Dr. Garcia almost always places breast implants behind your breast muscle. First, this is a most aesthetic location, because the breast muscle masks the implant so that it can’t be seen or felt. Second, the implant doesn’t interfere with your breast tissue or create impedance for visualization. Nevertheless, you should alert your radiologist about the presence of your breast implants when you undergo mammography, as slightly more images may need to be taken.

You may also wonder if the pressure of the mammogram plates could rupture your implants. Dr. Garcia only uses high-quality silicone and saline-based implants that can withstand the pressures exerted by a mammogram.

He also recommends that you undergo an MRI three years after your surgery to check the integrity of your implant and detect any possible leakage. You should schedule biannual MRIs after that. Implants that are older than 10 years may need to be replaced.

Of Nipples and Nursing

where to find the best las vegas breast augmentation

Although most women have finished having babies by age 40, some have not yet even begun them. If you’ve delayed having children until you’d built a career and are now either pregnant, hoping to become pregnant, or nursing, you may be curious to know if you can still nurse normally if you have breast implants. In most cases, the answer is Yes. However, you may be three times as likely to not produce sufficient milk to feed your baby.

A recent study also detected higher levels of a toxic platinum in nursing babies whose mothers had breast implants, when compared with those whose mothers did not have implants. Dr. Garcia recommends waiting until you’re no longer interested in becoming pregnant before undergoing breast augmentation. However, the studies have been small and the conclusions not definitive, so the choice is up to you.

Can You Really Afford It?

Breast augmentation is major surgery that requires an extensive recovery period. You also need friends, family, or hired help to perform your day-to-day tasks while your body heals. If you’ve only budgeted enough for the surgery itself, you may need to rethink. In addition to medical costs, you need to factor in possible lost income (you’ll have to be out of work for about a month), plus the cost of hired help, takeout meals, taxis, and other conveniences that remove the burden of your quotidian tasks.

There’s also the continued cost of getting regular MRIs to verify your implants’ integrity, and the cost of ultimate replacement surgery. Depending on the state in which you live, you may be ineligible for health insurance after you receive breast implants, or may have to pay a higher rate.

Too Much Va-Va-Voom?

where to find the best las vegas breast augmentation

When you’re in your twenties and you go from flatsie to full-figured seemingly overnight, you could pass it off to a late growth spurt, or just “woman-up” and admit you have implants. Suddenly expanding your chest by inches when you’re over 40 may make you feel a little self-conscious — especially in a work situation, where you need to appear professional. That’s why it’s important to know where to find the best las vegas breast augmentation and work with a professional who not only has surgical skill, but an artist’s eye.

Before he became one of the top plastic surgeons in Las Vegas, Dr. Garcia trained as an artist. He even received his bachelor’s degree in Art History. During his consultation with you for breast implants, Dr. Garcia takes careful measurements of your body, talks with you about your desires and goals, and shares his opinion about what size, shape, and volume of breast would look best on you. He takes into account your body shape as well as your sense of personal style.

Dr. Garcia prides himself on creating breast augmentations that give you exactly what you want while still looking and feeling completely natural and in harmony with your body type and personality. You can call Dr. Garcia’s office to schedule your in-depth consultation and finally get the beautiful, feminine breasts you desire.

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