There are many places out there that offer either true laser treatments or intense pulsed light therapy for a myriad of cosmetic issues. Most patients assume that everything is safe and that nothing bad will happen, and they are usually correct. In the article below, you will hear about one such problem.I suggest strongly that before you undergo any laser procedure that is going to be performed by a technician or a nurse, that you first meet the doctor who is the supervisor of the center. Also ask him/ her what type of doctor they are. Unfortunately, laser companies can sell lasers to any medical specialty but you want someone supervising the treatment who is experienced in the field you are being treated in. It is not just for the knowledge of what to do, but also for the knowledge of what to do if something goes less than perfect. The story below is about a women having a facial laser and the supervisor was a foot doctor. So once again, do your research before undergoing even the simplest of therapies. The actual laser used might be the same but the incorrect settings on the laser or improper patient selection can lead to problems

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