Reportedly there were over 10 million of you that tuned int the Golden Globe Awards this past weekend and you all got to see celebrities behaving (under the influence) and looking a little more human (wrinkled). One of them that caused the biggest stir was Diane Keaton and how she looked on the show and then on her spot for a make-up company. Don’t get me wrong, I thought she looked great for her age on the TV show, but the commercial left something else on my mind. It goes to prove what I constantly tell most of my patients that they want to look like a famous person and bring in pictures from the latest magazine. Please understand that commercials and anything that is promoting a product and uses a celebrity for endorsement has likely used PhotoShop or a similar program to ‘enhance’ their appearance. I think this can send out an impression to our younger patients and they will feel inadequate about parts of their skin or body. Not  a good thing. Either way, just another attempt from me to pull away the curtain and expose the ‘wizard’.

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