Dr. Julio Garcia and his team are proud to offer many solutions to eliminate the appearance fine lines and wrinkles.  Our most popular treatments for anti-aging include dermal fillers, botulinum toxins and other injectables.

Isolaz Laser Acne (2)Your face is the very first place on the body that will begin to show your true age. This is especially common in the cheek and mid-face area.   Gravity begins to take its toll on the delicate skin of your face, causing the cheeks to sag and wrinkles. Additionally, over time your skin naturally loses its elasticity, only increasing your risk for fine lines and a hollow appearance.  Juvederm Voluma is a dermal filler that is unique because of how effective it is at restoring lost cheek volume.

Juvederm Voluma is made of hyaluronic acid that is naturally found within the face and body. Juvederm Voluma builds up the structure below the surface of your skin allowing the cheeks to appear fuller and to allow space for your own collagen to grow.  You’ll get surgery quality results, for a fraction of the cost and no downtime. Plus, the results are very natural looking and long lasting at 18-24 months.

Contact Dr. Julio Garcia today to learn more about how Juvederm Voluma can make you look and feel younger than ever.

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