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Do you have to be a mommy to have a “Mommy Makeover?” Not at all, assures expert Las Vegas plastic surgeon Julio Garcia, MD. Mommy makeovers got their name simply because the combination of procedures they refer to address many of the physical and aesthetic issues that women experience after giving birth, such as droopy breasts and sagging tummies.

In fact, strictly speaking, men can benefit from “mommy” makeovers, too. As long as you’re in good heath, over the age of 18, have no plans for future pregnancies, and have no underlying precluding conditions, a  mommy makeover in Las Vegas or some variant may be right for you (and feel free to call it something else!).

Here Dr. Garcia lays out some of the key issues that Mommy Makeovers resolve, so you can see if one or more included procedures are right for you:

Do you have small pockets of stubborn fat that don’t respond to exercise?

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Even if you follow your doctor’s recommendations about how much weight to gain during pregnancy and what kinds of foods you need to keep you and Baby healthy, you may find yourself “stuck” with one or more pockets of stubborn fat that don’t respond to any of the advised exercises you’ve been doing. Stubborn fat like that tends to be handed down through you genes, and may be exacerbated by hormonal fluctuations during pregnancy, menopause, or andropause.

In other words, no matter what diet you try or how often you hit the gym, that kind of fat tends not to budge. To remove those bulges, Dr. Garcia recommends either tumescent liposuction or ultrasound assisted lipoplasty. Both procedures permanent vacuum away excess fat cells, eliminating them from your body forever.

Dr. Garcia uses liposuction to remove:

  • Double chin
  • Spare tire
  • Muffin top
  • Love handles
  • Saddle bags
  • Back fat
  • Thigh fat
  • Arm fat

You can have one or more areas treated at the same time. If you only have a double chin, Dr. Garcia may recommend injectable Kybella® to eliminate it without surgery.

Are your tummy and underlying muscles flabby and loose?

Typically after pregnancy and delivery, your abdominal muscles have been stretched to the point where they no longer contract back into place. You may also have excess fat and even some drooping, sagging skin.

No matter what the cause of a lax tummy, a tummy tuck could be the solution. If a tummy tuck is right for you, after removing any excess fat with liposuction, Dr. Garcia then surgically tightens and stitches together worn out or overstretched abdominal muscles. When they heal, you’ll have a tauter, stronger abdomen that makes you look like you spent months in the gym.

Next, he stretches any lax skin, stitches it to a tighter, more flattering and youthful position, and then trims away the redundant skin. During this part of the tummy tuck, he may also correct the position of your navel to match your newly tightened abdominal region.

Are your breasts saggy?

Drooping breasts can be caused by genes, the stresses of pregnancy and nursing, or simply the effects of gravity and volume loss due to aging. Dr. Garcia remedies sagging breasts by lifting breast tissue and nipples to a higher, more youthful position, stretching your skin taut, and then trimming away redundant skin.

Dr. Garcia’s breast lifts are so rejuvenating and flattering to your mommy-makeover figure that you may not even need breast augmentation, even if you thought you did. If you still want implants, Dr. Garcia suggests waiting at least six months so you can fully appreciate the benefits of your breast lift.

Are your breasts small or deflated?

After your breast lift, if you still feel you need more volume, Dr. Garcia performs breast augmentation as part of your Mommy Makeover. He helps you choose from a range of breast implant types, sizes, shapes, and volumes to find the implant that best suits your figure and lifestyle.

Are your kids old enough to do without you for a few weeks?

If you have an infant or young children still at home, now is probably not the best time for a Mommy Makeover. Because the makeover entails several surgeries, your recovery period may last weeks. As you heal, it’s important that you don’t go to work or do any household chores. You need to arrange for childcare and also for your own care. A friend, family, or hire should cook, clean, and help you with getting to and from the restroom.

When you know you’re prone to try to do more than you should, or just want to guarantee that you’ll receive medical care for the first day or two after your procedures, talk to Dr. Garcia’s helpful staff about nearby surgical recovery suites. After you feel better, you may want to transfer to a local luxury Vegas hotel for further pampering to enhance your recovery.

Are you sure you’re not planning to become pregnant?

positive pregnancy test

You should delay your Mommy Makeover until you’re 100% sure you’re not going to have a future pregnancy. Pregnancy and childbirth will un-do the many benefits of your Mommy Makeover.

Do you understands the risks?

Mommy Makeovers entail quite a number of surgical procedures, each of which has risks. Even though Dr. Garcia is an expert plastic surgeon with decades of experience, he’s always sure to inform you of rare complications so you can be sure you make an informed decision.

Are you ready?

If the idea of a Mommy Makeover makes you feel excited and optimistic, you just might be a good candidate. Call us or use the online form to book a consultation so you and Dr. Garcia can decide if now’s the right time to give yourself the ultimate in self-care and rejuvenation with  mommy makeover Las Vegas.

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