Interesting article below about the growth sector in plastic surgery, men. Gone are the days of Bogie and “The Duke”, many men now are using many different methods to enhance their look. At times it involves just good skin care and avoiding the sun, but it can also run to the laser hair removal, body shaving and ultimately plastic surgeon. Full disclaimer, I receive chemodenervation shots, aka Botox, Dysport, Xeomin shots to my forehead for my droopy brows and headaches and I also use a skin care products and I will not hesitate to have surgery when the time is right. Although not everyone is a candidate for surgery. There are those of us that are actually good candidates but do not want a surgical procedure for fear of looking “done”. That desire for the stealth improvement drives men to fillers, Dysport and lasers to stave off the hands of time. And in these times of stiff competition in the workplace, sometimes looking refreshed can make a difference.But as always, see if you can get by with less, not more, there is always time  for more in the future and doing too much can make you look different and not better. Caveat emptor.

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