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It’s the question that’s never puzzled women for millennia: “What do men really want?” But as simple as both men and women have always considered the human male animal to be, that could be changing.

One indication that the change is already here? The American Society of Plastic Surgeons reported a rise of 28% between 2000 and 2017 in cosmetic surgery procedures performed on men.As the job market becomes more competitive and the youth culture continues to grow, men are starting to pay more attention to their looks.

Top Las Vegas plastic surgeon Julio Garcia, MD, here shares five cosmetic surgery procedures that men really want today:


top Las Vegas plastic surgeon

Women may be more prone than men to develop fatty deposits around their abdomens and waists, but the (previously) unfairer sex gets them, too — particularly as they age. Men who are committed to a healthy diet and exercise regimen may be frustrated by fatty deposits that make them look older and out of shape.

Liposuction is the easiest, fastest way to get rid of exercise-resistant fat and reclaim a more masculine and fit physique. Dr. Garcia uses tumescent liposuction or ultrasound-assisted liposuction to break up and vacuum away fat from:

  • Hips
  • Abdomen
  • Back
  • Flanks
  • Legs
  • Double chin

Liposuction has evolved over the years to be safer, create uniform and natural-looking results, and to have a quicker recovery time. Dr. Garcia can perform many liposculpture procedures with twilight anesthesia, which helps you get back on your feet sooner.

Dr. Garcia also takes advantage of the smaller cannulas that are now used to remove fat. His training as an artist as well as a surgeon allows him to sculpt away fat from your muscles to accentuate their shape. You can even enlist Dr. Garcia’s skills to get a set of six-pack abs without countless crunches or a ketogenic diet.

Breast Reduction

Gynecomastia, a condition in which men have higher-than-normal levels of breast tissue, can be embarrassing and stigmatizing. Men who have feminine-looking breasts may avoid situations where they would normally go topless, such as a beach or swimming pool. They might wear baggy, unflattering clothes to hide their chest.

If your gynecomastia hasn’t responded to other therapies, you’re healthy, and you’re near your ideal weight, Dr. Garcia can reduce your male breasts with breast-reduction surgery. He uses liposuction and surgery to remove excess fat and breast tissue, repositions the areola and nipple, and trims away excess skin. He hides the small incisions in your body’s natural creases so that when they heal, the scars are nearly invisible.


top Las Vegas plastic surgeon

A overly long, wide, or bumpy nose can make your face look disproportional and even create the illusion of a weak chin or jawline. Dr. Garcia knows how to improve the look of your nose while maintaining a balanced, masculine look that respects your ethnicity.

If your long, bump, or hooked nose contributes to a weak-looking profile, Dr. Garcia may also suggest a chin implant or a mandibular implant to strengthen your jawline. A strong, masculine profile conveys strength and trust.

Dr. Garcia is also an expert at creating nonsurgical nose jobs with hyaluronic-acid (HA) based dermal fillers. You may choose a nonsurgical rhinoplasty if you just want to fix minor problems, such as a bumpy or crooked nose. Nonsurgical rhinoplasty is also a great first step if you know you want to make a change to your nose, but you’re not sure you’re ready for surgery yet.


Youth obsession affects men, too, particularly in today’s gig economy, where they may be competing with guys decades younger than they are. Mid-life divorce and other life events can also send men to an expert plastic surgeon like Dr. Garcia to un-do the sags, bags, jowls, and turkey necks that make them look older than they feel.

For ultimate rejuvenation, a facelift (also known as a rhytidectomy), is usually performed with two other procedures: a neck lift with plastysmaplasty and fat grafting. In a neck lift and platysmaplasty, Dr. Garcia tightens your neck muscles, liposuctions away your double chin, lifts and tightens your neck skin, and then trims away the excess skin.

Dr. Garcia uses fat grafting to make your facelift look more natural. The extra volume he places in your midface avoids that “windswept” look that occurs when an inexpert plastic surgeon tightens and lifts too much. Fat grafts are taken from your own body, in places where you have excess fat, such as the abdomen or hips.

One caveat for men who want a younger, more vital look with a facelift is to find a plastic surgeon who has expertise in performing facelifts on men. Male facelifts are especially challenging owing to a potentially higher hairline in men who may be balding. It’s also essential that your surgeon knows how to lift and rejuvenate the male face without lifting your sideburns and beard to an unnatural position.

Why choose Dr. Garcia for a male facelift? Because his training as both an artist and a surgeon, combined with his expertise at working with male faces, ensures that your facelift will look natural, rejuvenating, and masculine.

Eyelid Surgery

top Las Vegas plastic surgeon

Saggy, baggy eyes make you look tired and off your game. Dr. Garcia solves your problem with upper blepharoplasty (eye lift), lower blepharoplasty (eye-bags removal), or a combination of both. If you’ve allowed your upper eyelid skin to droop and sag over the years, it may even be causing visual problems that will improve with blepharoplasty.

If you’re in the early stages of aging, Dr. Garcia can create a nonsurgical eye lift, too. He uses Botox to lift your brows slightly, alleviating droopy lids. He fills in tear troughs with an HA filler, to make your eyes look more alert and youthful.

As with other facial plastic surgeries, it’s essential that you find a surgeon that, like Dr. Garcia, deeply understands the male face. Tightening the lids too much can be feminizing. Dr. Garcia knows how to rejuvenate your eyes while allowing them to maintain a masculine look.

Whether you’re a man looking for plastic surgery procedures, or a woman who’s searching for the best place to give your man what he really wants, contact expert Las Vegas plastic surgeon Dr. Garcia for a consultation. He’s happy to answer your questions and help you get the rejuvenated, masculine look you seek.

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