She is in the news again, the woman who had multiple plastic surgery procedures to look like Barbie. Although i have patients at times bring me in pictures of celebrities so they can show me things, I clearly tell them that I cannot do surgery to make them look exactly like that person. I do perform surgery on professional impersonators to tweak small things on their face to make them appear more like a celebrity, but they all start with a facial structure that is somewhat similar to that person. Pictures of celebrities does assist me in finding out what a person finds attractive in their mind’s eye. For that reason I ask my patients prior to facial surgery to bring me in pictures of people they think look good and people who’s appearance they do not like. Those pictures let me understand to a greater degree what is in their mind as far as their goals. If I think it is reasonable we proceed, but there are times that I have to tell them that what they desire is not possible. A small fraction of those patients have BMD or body dysmorphic disorder, where they don’t see what is actually there but something different that does not actually truly exist, a false distortion. Those are patients that can never be satisfied and should not have surgery to begin with.Below is the latest surfacing of the human Barbie and her position in life,having had 59 surgeries to achieve her appearance. You might find it interesting, sad, or funny. Depends on your viewpoint, juts like when deciding to have a cosmetic procedure to look like someone else involves, a viewpoint.

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