tattooDo you have a piece of body art that you now regret? Does a change in lifestyle have you wishing for clearer skin free of tattoos?  It may seem like your options are limited after choosing to tattoo your skin, however changes in medical technology and laser therapy can help make even the largest tattoo a thing of the past.

Dr. Julio Garcia now offers MedLite laser treatment for patients who are seeking safe and effective laser tattoo removal.  The MedLite laser sends light into the skin, below the surface where the tattoo ink lives. The laser will break up the cells of the skin, allowing them to be absorbed by the healthy, non-dyed skin cells.

The number of treatments required to completely eliminate your tattoo will depend on the type and colors of ink used as well as the size and age of your tattoo. Many patients require 6-12 treatments to completely remove the tattoo.

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