surgical lines on a woman's belly

While undergoing liposuction may not be as luxurious as getting away for a spa vacation, the time leading up to your operation and the recovery time afterward do need to be focused 100% on you and your health. Depending on how many areas you want to contour and how much fat needs to be removed, your procedure could last several hours. Even if you’re only eliminating a small of fat — such as a double chin — liposuction is a surgical procedure that requires careful planning and preparation.

Julio Garcia, MD, an expert plastic surgeon in Las Vegas has created beautifully sculpted figures for both women and men with liposuction over the course of approximately three decades. He also now offers ultrasound-assisted lipoplasty (UAL) for finer detailing as well as for removing larger areas of fat.

Dr. Garcia’s team gives you thorough instructions for both your pre-procedure needs as well as your recovery time. He also thoroughly explains the procedure and answers all of your questions during a consultation. However, he believes that educating yourself about the surgery well in advance helps you get in the right mental and physical space for exceptional results and an event-free recovery.

Get Ready to Trim

surgical lines in woman's bell

The first fact about liposuction that’s important to thoroughly understand is that it’s not a procedure that helps you lose weight or makes a big difference when you step on the scale. If you have a high BMI, in fact, you may not be a candidate for liposuction or any kind of body-contouring procedure at all.

Liposuction trims inches from the circumference of fatty areas that haven’t responded to long-term efforts to diet and exercise your way to a better figure. Areas that benefit from body contouring from plastic surgeons las vegas include:

  • Underneath your chin
  • Muffin tops
  • Love handles
  • Saddle bags
  • Flanks
  • Thighs
  • Back fat
  • Arm fat
  • Male breasts (gynecomastia)

Liposuction helps you achieve an ideal figure that wouldn’t be possible on your own. That’s why it’s become such a popular procedure, with more than a quarter million women and men undergoing liposuction in 2018 alone.

Dr. Garcia minimizes the risk for adverse outcomes by carefully controlling the amount of fat that’s removed during each procedure. Usually it’s not safe to remove more than 5 liters of fat and fluid during liposuction. Dr. Garcia can generate a digital image of your projected results, so that you’ll get a good idea of what your new figure will look like.

You must already be at a healthy BMI before Dr. Garcia considers you as a candidate for liposuction. If you need help getting to a stable weight, Dr. Garcia can refer you for medically assisted weight loss.

Cut Out Blood Thinners

About two weeks before your liposuction, you need to quit smoking and also avoid taking any kind of drug, herb, or food that may thin your blood. The reason this is an important step is that if your blood is too thin, you may bleed excessively during your operation, and you’ll have a high degree of bruising and swelling afterward, too.

During your consultation, Dr. Garcia and his team give you a complete list of substances to avoid before and after your procedure. Some of the items may surprise you, because they’re otherwise healthy. A partial list of blood-thinning agents to avoid includes:

  • Garlic
  • Ginger
  • Gingko biloba
  • St. John’s Wort
  • Valerian
  • Echinacea
  • Licorice
  • Vitamin E
  • Fish oil
  • Aspirin
  • Nonsteroidal antiinflammatories
  • Blood-thinning prescription drugs
  • Tobacco in all forms

Be sure to let Dr. Garcia know about any and all prescription medications or supplements you take during your consultation. Not only should you discontinue smoking and using blood thinners two weeks before your liposuction, you should avoid them for two weeks afterward, too.

To help your blood coagulate more efficiently, Dr. Garcia may make recommendations of foods or supplements to add to your diet. For instance, he may want to make sure you’re getting enough protein, zinc and Vitamin C in your diet to facilitate healing.

Get Your Help In Order

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You won’t be able to work or do any kind of household chores for a few days to a few weeks after your liposuction. During your consultation, Dr. Garcia estimates how much downtime you’ll have so that you can arrange for time off from work, and for family members, friends, or staff to help you with the daily business of your life.

You’ll need to arrange for someone to do the following for you:

  • Drive you home after liposuction
  • Prepare meals for yourself and your family
  • Do the housework and chores
  • Take care of the children or pets

If you had extensive liposuction, you may prefer to spend your first day or two of recovery in a private recovery suite or a hotel. Let Dr. Garcia’s staff know your preferences, so they can arrange the perfect environment for the first stages of your healing process.

Most women and men feel ready enough to return to light activities within a few days. Dr. Garcia recommends avoiding strenuous activities for up to three weeks.

Get Ready to Swell

Though your figure will eventually look swell, during your first phase of healing you won’t look swell at all — you’ll just be doing a lot of it, and bruising, too. Know that this a normal part of recovery, and allow your body to do its business.

Depending on what type of procedure you’re having, Dr. Garcia may recommend compression garments. Compression garments put healthy pressure on the treatment area to control swelling. Compression garments help you look and feel more attractive, aid in healing, and help your clothing fit better, too. Dr. Garcia can recommend medical-grade compression garments, or you may want to use Spanx or another form of under-clothing.

And though you’re anxious to see your final results, you do need to wait. While you’ll notice that the swelling goes down considerably within a few days, it may be several weeks or even a couple of months before your final results are visible.

Know the Risks

Liposuction and UAL are surgical procedures that have some amount of risk. Although Dr. Garcia is experienced and highly skilled, using general anesthesia, incising the skin, and removing fat can all cause complications, both minor and serious.

Plan a Shopping Trip

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When your final figure is finally ready to be unveiled, you might want to plan a shopping trip to mark the day. Because your figure’s been trimmed of excess fat, you may discover that many of your favorite items of clothing no longer fit. You’ll have weeks to months to wait before seeing your final results, so you can arrange ahead of time to budget for a splurge to show off your new physique in style.

Ready to learn more? Call plastic surgeons las vegas now for an individual liposuction consultation.


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