I, along with many plastic surgeons contend with patients bringing in pictures of celebrities, asking me to make them look like the person in the photo. In the old days I used to joke that it would take different parents to make the patient look like someone famous. This has now been supplanted by me telling them that plastic surgery can never achieve the results that the software program PhotoShop can. When you peruse most fashion and health magazines, what you see are photos of models that have been altered with the aid of computers. This is especially true in advertisements. Anyone that has gone to see a movie the last few years knows about CGI and you should then understand that a surgeon could not do what a computer can do. I will post a link to a recent picture of Demi Moore that has had “PhotoShop Surgery”, so you can see how different people can be made to look. Personally, I have thought that Demi was always a beautiful woman, hair or no hair. I like think Demi looks awesome in the photo below, and I actually prefer that look versus the altered one. So as always, tell your surgeon what you would like changed but understand that hopes and desires may not always be achievable.

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