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Deciding to enhance your figure with breast augmentation surgery is an exciting step toward making yourself the best you can be. However, breast augmentation is major surgery that requires a long recovery period. There are many steps you need to take ahead of time to prepare yourself both for the surgery itself and for successful healing.

At the Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery Clinic near Las Vegas in Henderson, NV, Dr. Julio Garcia, a Las Vegas plastic surgeon, recommends that you:

1. Be Sure It's the Right Time

Take a look at your life and ask yourself if you can realistically be “out of the picture” for at least four weeks. Do you have access to intensive childcare? Friends and family who are willing to assist you? A job that allows you to take more than a month off from work? If so, this may be the ideal time for your breast augmentation surgery.

2. Optimize Your Health

breast enlargement

To facilitate a successful operation and recovery, you must be in the best health possible:

Quit Smoking Now. If you haven't quit smoking yet, now is the time to do it. Smokers have a more difficult time breathing while under anesthesia and have an increased risk of a heart attack during surgery. Smoking also impairs wound healing by flooding body tissues with toxins and inhibiting the uptake of oxygen.

Be at a Healthy Weight. Being overweight places a strain on the heart, which increases the risk of receiving anesthesia and of a poor surgical outcome. Your breast enlargement surgery is a step toward your ideal body, so be sure you are already committed to a healthy diet and exercise regimen.

Take Supplements as Advised by Your Plastic Surgeon. To faciliate healing, your plastic surgeon will recommend you take supplements such as Vitamins A, B, C, D and K; zinc, magnesium, and bromelain. The supplements will help strengthen your tissues by stimulating the genesis of new collagen and increasing the enzymes needed for healing. Your plastic surgeon will provide of a list of supplements that you should take before surgery.

Avoid Blood Thinners. Substances that thin the blood increase the risk for bleeding during surgery and must be stopped at least two weeks before your operation. Medications and herbs to avoid include:

  • Aspirin
  • Non-steroidal antiinflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) such as ibuprofen and acetaminophen
  • Fish Oil
  • Garlic
  • Ginger
  • Ginkgo balboa
  • Vitamin E

Your plastic surgeon will provide you with a complete list of supplements and medications to avoid.

Know Your Procedure – and Its Risks

In addition to the risks associated with any surgery, breast augmentation has potential complications that you should be aware of, including capsular contracture that causes the breast to feel hard, and implant rupture.

During a consultation with Dr. Garcia, he will instruct you about how the augmentation will be performed, including where the incisions will be placed for the most aesthetically pleasing result. He will encourage you to ask questions and express concerns so they can be addressed before the procedure.

Dr. Garcia will also help you decide whether you need an augmentation alone, an augmentation with a breast lift, or a breast lift alone. And thanks to the artist's eye he developed while obtaining a degree in art history, Dr. Garcia can also help you choose the type and size implant that will enhance the harmony and beauty of your unique figure.

Arrange for Childcare

breast enlargement

If you have an infant or a nursing child, this may not be the right time for your breast augmentation surgery. Wait until your child or children are old enough to be completely entrusted to the care of a friend, family member, or professional for the first 48 hours after your surgery.

You will also need to arrange for intensive childcare for the first two weeks, as you will not be able to perform even simple tasks at that point. Your focus will be entirely on your own recovery.

In weeks two to four, you may be able to spend some time with your children, but you will still be healing and sore and will have limited mobility. Therefore, someone else should be assigned to care for their basic needs during this period.

Arrange for Your Care, Too

Breast augmentation is major surgery that will curtail your daily routine. You will not be able to return to normal activities – including work – for at least four weeks.

Before your surgery, prepare for your recovery period by cooking or buying meals ahead of time, and stocking up on essentials, including pet food (if applicable), supplements, and drinking water. Create a schedule with friends and family to drop in and help you.

After your surgery, you will be recovering not only from the procedure, but from the anesthesia. It is imperative that you have a friend or loved one drive you home and stay with you for at least two days as you recuperate. You may need help getting to and from the bathroom and require some assistance in bathing.

You will also need to take short walks around the house to prevent vein thrombosis and promote healing. You should also cough and breathe deeply to expel the last of the anesthesia and expand your lungs.

Don't Be a Hero(ine)

For the first two weeks at least, you will need assistance completing even the simplest of tasks. Don't overestimate what you will be able to do after surgery. Assume that it's nothing and arrange for someone else to prepare and clean up after meals, keep the house tidy, and launder clothes.

Don't try to compensate for time off from work by bringing work home with you. Even sitting with a laptop may be too much of an exertion during the first two to four weeks. Your mind and body should be working together to focus on healing.

After about four weeks, you should be able to start adding back some of the simplest tasks. You may be able to return to work. But take it slowly and listen to your body!

After the four-week mark, gentle exercise such as beginning-level yoga and walking outside the home can be gradually added back into your routine. But at every step, be sure your focus is on what your body needs, not what you think you should be doing. This is your time, so feel free to take it.

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