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The focal point of any beautiful and harmonious face is the eyes. The eyes convey emotion, expression and are our point of connection with one another.

If your nose is large, crooked, or otherwise obtrusive, it may be distracting people from seeing the real “you” – the you in your eyes. The purpose of rhinoplasty, otherwise known as a “nose job,” is to reshape your nose and/or nostrils to create a more balanced and harmonious face, allowing an onlooker's focus to shift to your eyes – right where you want it to be.

Creating Facial Harmony

Often, having a large or unshapely nose can cause you to lose self-confidence because you feel unattractive and sense that your face is unbalanced. Maybe you were teased as a child. Perhaps even as an adult you continue to hear rude or insensitive remarks about your nose. A crooked nose may even cause problems with breathing owing to a deviated septum or other anatomical defect. All of these issues can be corrected with rhinoplasty surgery.

Dr. Julio Garcia, one of the top plastic surgeons in Las Vegas and Henderson, NV, understands the importance of feeling that you look your best. His aim is to enhance your most beautiful features while reshaping or minimizing those that distract from facial symmetry. His training as an artist and as a surgeon ensures that his approach to rhinoplasty not only involves reshaping the nose and optimizing its function, but creating a new nose that harmonizes with all of your features yet remains unobtrusive. And, while the difference may be dramatic, and the improvement stunning, you should still look like you.

What Can a Nose Job Do?

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Rhinoplasty is the most difficult and complex of all the cosmetic surgical procedures – including a facelift. Not only does the nose sit squarely in the middle of the face where, if it is poorly formed, it can distract from other features. It is a very complex structure. The tip, especially, is comprised of a number of unique and finely sculpted planes and contours. For rhinoplasty to look natural, the surgeon must create a nose shape that is just as beautifully sculpted and finessed as a natural nose. Thus, when searching for a facial plastic surgeon, you should look for someone who understands aesthetics as well as anatomy.

Some improvements that you can expect with a nose job include:

  • Removing bumps
  • Straightening crooked noses
  • Correcting asymmetrical nostrils
  • Narrowing or widening the nasal bone
  • Building up or narrowing the nose bridge
  • Shortening the nose
  • Reshaping and narrowing a bulbous nose
  • Refining the tip
  • Correcting a deviated septum

Ethnic Rhinoplasty

While many facial plastic surgeons can perform rhinoplasty on people of Caucasian heritage, reconstructing ethnic noses takes an extra level of skill and knowledge, as well as an aesthetic sensitivity to ethnic identity. The cartilage in people of African or Asian heritage is often narrower and shorter, which means that the cartilage must sometimes be strengthened with cartilage grafts. The tip of the nose tends to be thicker and less projected. The skin on people with darker complexions is also usually thicker, which can limit the degree of reshaping that can be performed, particularly on the tip. Dark skin also has a tendency to scar more easily, which demands extra care and finesse.

Dr. Garcia has many years' experience reshaping and refining ethnic noses in a manner that respects their unique qualities while creating more balance and beauty in the face.

The Value of a Consultation

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During your consultation with Dr. Garcia for rhinoplasty in Las Vegas, he will discuss the improvements he believes will create a nose that is right for you, learn about your own needs and desires, and give you an idea of the kinds of results you can expect. You should bring photos of your ideal nose. Dr. Garcia will use your photos as a guide so that he can come as close to your ideal as possible while still respecting your own facial anatomy and unique beauty.

Preparing for Your Rhinoplasty

While rhinoplasty is usually performed as an elective cosmetic procedure, it is nevertheless surgery that creates physical trauma and requires a recovery period. And while you may have longed for a more attractive nose for years or even decades, making a such a visible and dramatic change to your appearance may take some adjustment.

Psychological Preparation. Although you may feel ready for your new nose, you, your family members, friends and loved ones may all feel some sense of mourning for your old “look.” Talk to your friends and family and let them know that you are making this change for positive reasons. Also understand that while a nose job can boost your confidence tremendously, it may not make as dramatic a difference in your life as you believe. Conversely, your improved look could also drastically change the way that others react to you, leading to increased attention that may feel overwhelming. Having psychological support, either from a professional or loving family members and friends, can be invaluable during this time of transition from the “old” to the “new” you.

Physical Preparation. Because rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure, you must ensure that your body is in optimal health. At least two weeks before your operation, you should cease smoking as it can interfere with the healing process. Your plastic surgeon will also give you a list of herbs, supplements and medications that you should discontinue as they can thin the blood and otherwise impair healing or promote bruising. You will also be encouraged to take the supplement arnica to control bruising after your surgery.

Preparing for Recovery. For the first few weeks after your rhinoplasty, you will not be able to engage in strenuous activities or do any heavy lifting. Please be sure you have arranged for help and/or made modifications to your schedule, as necessary.

What Happens During Surgery

Rhinoplasty can be performed either as an open or closed procedure. It can also be performed using general anesthesia or IV sedation, also known as “twilight anesthesia.” The entire procedure will take between 1 and 3 hours in most cases.

closed rhinoplasty is performed without dissecting the nasal skin from the bone. It is appropriate only in very select cases where the improvements to be made are minor and the surgeon does not have to visualize inside of the nose.

Open rhinoplasty is by far the more common procedure and the easiest to perform. In open rhinoplasty, a small incision is made between the nostrils so that the nasal skin can be lifted off the bone and cartilage, allowing the surgeon to see and work upon the structure of the nose.

If necessary, the bone will be reshaped through filing or breaking and resetting it. Excess cartilage and skin are removed and, if necessary, reshaped and then stitched back into place.

Potential Complications and Risks

As with any surgery, rhinoplasty comes with potential complications and risks, including complications with anesthesia and bleeding. Other risks are dissatisfaction with your new nose, infections, and nose bleeds. Dr. Garcia will discuss with you how to minimize the chance of each of these occurring.

Recovering from Your Nose Job

After your surgery, small steri strips or a cast will be applied to the top of your nose. You will be instructed on how to clean your nose and stitches. You will come for a follow-up appointment the next day to be sure your nose is healing well.

The sutures and cast (if applicable) will be removed after one week. You should avoid strenuous activities, bending down, inversion, and heavy lifting for at least two weeks. Gradually you can increase your activity level until you are back to your normal routine after 4 to 6 weeks.

Waiting for Results

After your rhinoplasty, your nose will be swollen. It will take up to a year for the swelling to completely subside and for you to fully appreciate the new shape and look of your new nose. This can be a frustrating period as you've waited a long time for an improvement and are eager to see it. It's important to be patient with your body as it heals and to not panic if your nose seems too large or misshapen at this point. After the 1-year mark, if you are still unhappy with your nose, a revision rhinoplasty can be considered. This, however, is a rare occurrence. Most people are thrilled with their new look and with how much more harmonious and attractive their faces appear.

Ready for Rhinoplasty Las Vegas?

If you are ready for rhinoplasty or other plastic surgery Las Vegas Nevada, or just want to learn more about your options, please contact Dr. Julio Garcia at the Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery Clinic, (702) 870-0058 or, to schedule your rhinoplasty consultation. You can also use our email form. We welcome patients from Las Vegas and around the world.


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