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Despite changes in fashion and a plethora of cosmetic plastic surgery procedures now available, breast augmentation continues to hold the number-one place among surgical cosmetic procedures, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

Why women undergo breast implant removal surgery is as varied as the women themselves. Julio Garcia, MD, an expert Las Vegas plastic surgeon, shares a few reasons why some women opt to remove or replace their breast implants, and why a rejuvenating breast lift can sometimes be the better choice.

They “Outgrew” Their Overly Large Breasts

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Women who had their breasts augmented as teens or young women may find they don’t like the look as they grow older and wiser. In many cases, they may have opted for a breast augmentation because they once felt insecure about their attractiveness, wanted to please a former romantic partner, or hoped to mimic the figure of a favorite movie or TV star. Once their aesthetics and priorities shift and mature, they long for a more natural-looking figure.

The Implants Were Too Heavy or Cumbersome

Just as large natural breasts can cause neck, back, and shoulder pain, so can breast implants. Large breasts create a downward pull on your bra, which make dig the straps into your shoulders.

If you’re athletic and like to jog or work out, breast implants can get in your way. The weight also alters your center of gravity, which may make it difficult to balance properly or perform certain sports.

The extra weight can also throw your spine out of alignment, causing pain and even disability. Whether you’re considering removing implants or looking for breast reduction in Las Vegas, Dr. Garcia helps you achieve a comfortable, flattering, and natural figure.

The Implants Leaked or Shifted

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Each type of breast implant has its advantages and disadvantages. For instance, saline implants look and feel very much like real breasts, but, in rare instances, they might leak. Your body absorbs the excess liquid, but the deflated implant must be removed or replaced.

If you get a tear-drop shaped implant and it shifts, your breasts could look lopsided. Dr. Garcia must operate to place the implant into correct position, or you can opt to have the implants removed. A textured backing helps hold teardrop implants in place, but may slightly raise your risk for an extremely rare kind of non-metastasizing cancer.

The Implants Don’t Look Natural

If you want to minimize buyer’s regret when it comes to breast augmentation, Dr. Garcia advises taking your time to find the best plastic surgeon possible. In some cases, you may have to travel out of state to ensure the most flattering and natural-looking results.

As a trained artist as well as a double-board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Garcia takes care to ensure that your augmented breasts increase your feminine curves while harmonizing with your natural body type and shape. He helps you choose the size and shape implant that works the best with your unique figure and lifestyle so that you can be happy with your results for years to come.

They Don’t Like the Upkeep

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Augmenting your breasts isn’t a matter of getting a procedure and then forgetting about it. Breast implants can rupture, leak or shift. Dr. Garcia recommends regular check ups, including MRIs every one to three years, to ensure the safety and integrity of your implants.

They’re Worried About Potential Health Risks

Although breast implants are safe, some women ultimately decide that they don’t want anything artificial in their bodies. Women who are at risk for breast cancer also may feel safer if they’re implant free.

Textured implants have been found to slightly increases the risk a very rare, non-metastasizing cancer called anaplastic large cell lymphoma (ALCL). If you’re worried about your health, talk to Dr. Garcia about breast implant removal and a restorative breast lift.

Aging and Implants Don’t Work Well Together

Augmenting your breasts with large implants doesn’t prevent gravity from pulling your breast tissue down over time. While no one wants their breasts to fall, implants can exaggerate the sagging and make your breasts look oddly shaped. The changes may be compounded after menopause, when hormonal changes lead to weight gain, including gains in breast tissue.

If you decide to remove your implants and rectify the sagging, Dr. Garcia performs a rejuvenating breast lift. During this surgery, Dr. Garcia raises your breasts to a higher and more youthful position and trims away redundant skin. Your breasts look young, curvy, and feminine, but 100% natural — because they are.

It’s Time to Switch Them Out

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Unfortunately, no breast implant can last forever. Even the highest quality silicone implant has a shelf life and should be removed about every 10 years to minimize the risk of rupture or leakage.

If it’s time to remove or replace your implants, talk to Dr. Garcia. He can recommend a new size or shape implant that harmonizes with your more mature figure. Or, if you’d like to remove the implants entirely, he may recommend a breast lift, too.

They Want a More Natural Look

When you come to Dr. Garcia’s office for a breast augmentation, he sometimes steers you in another direction. If your breasts are sagging from age or nursing, or are asymmetrical, a breast lift may be enough to correct your aesthetic issues.

Dr. Garcia’s patient are so pleased with the results of their breast lifts that many of them never go on to implants after all. In fact, Dr. Garcia recommends that if you want both a lift and augmentation, you should do the lift first and then wait three to six months. In many cases, you’ll find that the beautiful breast lift was all you needed to achieve your ideal figure.

If you’re ready to change your shape for the better, contact Dr. Garcia for a consultation. Whether you’re looking for a breast lift, looking for augmentation, or looking for breast reduction in Las Vegas, you can use the online form or call the office directly.

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