There has been an enormous amount of publicity about the use of stem cells for cosmetic enhancements. Although stem cells have been proven effective in the treatment of certain blood diseases and there is lots of on-going research into their use on numerous things like heart patients and diabetes along with spinal cord injuries, I am afraid that there have been a number of doctors trying to profit from people’s desire for the newest fad. Stem cells can be derived from a number of different places in the human body. Fat cells for example, harvested through atraumatic technique can be enhanced to make other types of cells in the laboratory. But claims that a simple office procedure can use stem cells to rejuvenate one’s appearance I am afraid are inflated claims, based on very little proof, very little science, and lots of hype. In most cases what these doctors are performing are fat injections and are claiming they are injecting stem cells when the amount of stem cells in what they are injecting is likely  minimal to none, but they get the marketing benefit of the latest thing in science. Frequently they show patients after a few weeks with improved results. At that point, there is likely swelling still present making the improvement appear dramatic, but they do not last. Below is an article hyping the use of stem cells for facial rejuvenation and an article with the national plastic surgery societies’ stance on these practices. I suggest you read them both and decide for yourself if the large sums of money people are spending are truly worth it, especially when what they claim they are doing, they have little proof they are actually performing.

Read the news article here.

Read the plastic surgery society press release here.

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