Many patients come to our office after a certain age – looking for a time facial makeover. Many expect that a facelift will provide lift and younger looking results from the neck all the way up to the forehead.

faceliftThe truth is that a facelift is defined as the lifting and tightening of the skin at the mid-section of the face. The forehead, eyelids and brows are not typically affected by a facelift procedure. In order to have a complete facelift, a brow or eyelid lift may be necessary.

During a facelift, your sagging skin is repositioned, the subcutaneous fat and facial muscles are tightened, and at times excess fat is removed. If you’re considering a facelift it is ideal that you have some elasticity remaining in your skin as well as strong bone structure.

Once you decide to have a facelift, Dr. Garcia will discuss with you all aspects of the procedure. Feel free to discuss your expectations and concerns as well as procedures that you may want to combine with your treatment.

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