There are certainly many reasons to look for some type of cosmetic improvement and in some cases having it will increase one’s self-esteem. As plastic surgeons we try to define how much poor self-esteem exists within a patient in order to be able to advise them properly on what can or might be done. There are times when the patient needs some type of counseling first to get them emotionally better prior to having to make a choice about cosmetic surgery. Some patients unfortunately also have  a distorted view of their appearance and see things that do not exist. These patients have what is called body dysmorphic syndrome. Below is  a link to an article about a woman who said she was ‘addicted’ to plastic surgery. It appears that at times she chose legitimate surgeons but at other times when her desires would not be met by a real physician, she sought enhancements in back room lay people’s locations. Truly a sad story and likely a lady that might have been able to avoid many of her problems with appropriate counseling. There is a point where too much is done or asked for, and telling a patient to stop can be difficult from the surgeon’ standpoint, but it must be done for their own best interest.

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