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Whether you’re finished with your family and looking for a Mommy Makeover that includes breast augmentation, or simply wanting to fulfill a long-held dream of a curvier, fuller bust, getting breast implants over the age of 40 comes with a few caveats. Though women of any age can benefit from the right size and shape of implants to enhance their figures, as you age you also have to consider such things as the quality and elasticity of your skin in addition to your desires.

Dr. Julio Garcia, an expert plastic surgeon who specializes in breast augmentation in Vegas takes the time to counsel you when you’re looking to augment your breasts with implants. His artist’s eye and surgeon’s expertise helps you choose the right size, shape, and type of implant for your unique figure and lifestyle.

You may (only) need a breast lift

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If you’re thinking about breast augmentation because you’ve noticed that your breasts look more deflated and are positioned lower than they were in your youth, you may benefit from a breast lift. Dr. Garcia recommends breast lifts with augmentation so that your implants are well supported by healthy muscle and tissue and are positioned high enough on your chest to look natural and youthful.

A breast lift not only lifts your breasts, improving their position and degree of projection, Dr. Garcia also tightens your skin and trims away redundant skin. His breasts lifts are so rejuvenating and make your breasts look so much fuller that you may realize that you don’t need implants at all.

In fact, Dr. Garcia advises most women to leave about six months between a breast lift and an augmentation. Many of his patients are so satisfied with the quality of his lifts that they don’t request the second surgery.

You may need a nipple lift

In addition to inelastic, redundant skin that makes your entire breast look droopy and saggy, your nipple skin may also have lost quality and elasticity over time. As part of your breast lift and augmentation, Dr. Garcia can rejuvenate your nipples, too, so that they’re perkier and fuller. He may suggest adding fat grafts from another part of your body to enhance the youthful look and feel of your nipples.

Flattering shape and volume are imperative

Women over 40 may want to refrain from unusually large or round implants, because they could look unnatural on their bodies. Dr. Garcia trained as an artist before becoming a plastic surgeon. During your consultation, he takes time to evaluate your unique body shape, take careful measurements, and recommend the most flattering type of breast implant for you.

You can still nurse your children with implants

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Women who want fuller breasts and aren’t satisfied with a breast lift alone may be reluctant to request implants if they’re still planning to have a child. However, if you hope to become pregnant, you can still get implants. High-quality breast implants are made with medical-grade silicone that doesn’t leak into your breast milk. Dr. Garcia ensures that your procedure doesn’t interfere with your milk ducts or nipples so that you can continue to nurse normally.

You can have mammograms with breast implants

Some women may also wonder if breast implants would interfere with the accuracy of mammograms. As long as you let your mammogram technician know that you have implants, they won’t interfere with your test results.

Dr. Garcia recommends placing the implants behind your breast muscle for the least possible interference with mammograms. Placing the implants behind the muscle also makes the implants look and feel more natural.

You should follow up with your plastic surgeon

No matter what your age, Dr. Garcia recommends regular examinations and screenings to make sure your breast implants are correctly positioned and intact. If you have silicone implants, Dr. Garcia also recommends undergoing an MRI every two years to be sure the implant hasn’t ruptured.

Breast implants may need to be replaced

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Although the quality of breast implants is better than ever, they may still break down over time. You can expect breast implants to last for at least 10 years and possibly up to 25 or more.

Even if your implants are still intact and there’s no medical need to replace them, you may want to replace them any way. As you age and your body changes, you may find that the size and shape of your implants don’t flatter your figure any more. In such a case, Dr. Garcia helps you find the right size, type, and shape of implant for your new needs.

You must take some time off

Breast augmentation is a major cosmetic surgery procedure that requires you to allow time for recovery. Although Dr. Garcia performs breast augmentation on an outpatient basis, you may need to undergo general anesthesia. After your operation, you’ll be both sore and groggy.

In addition to having someone drive you home after your surgery, you should take off at least a week from work and household chores. You’ll need someone to cook and clean for you, as well as someone to take care of any children or pets.

If you don’t think it’s possible to fully rest and recover at home, with its myriad distractions, Dr. Garcia’s staff can arrange for your to stay at a nearby surgical recovery suite for your breast augmentation in Vegas. After the week is up, you should be able to return to most normal, light activities. Dr. Garcia recommends you avoid vigorous activities and heavy lifting for at least three weeks.

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